Sunday, August 3, 2014

We Always See You John, That Is The Problem

How ironic would it be if they guy that for 12 years always saying things like he was the guy that was here every week, loses to a guy that hardly ever is here in Brock Lesnar. The guy that claims to love the WWE, rumours have it that he may follow the path of the guy he has been critical of in the “The Rock” and go into movies? Maybe at the core of the problem with John Cena is that most people don’t really believe him.

He gave a passionate promo on his upcoming match with Brock Lesnar and it was not the typical Cena bullshit promo. He really seemed like he meant it and was trying to speak from his heart. Even in that your kind of wondering if he was putting on a show or not.

It is hard for John Cena not to be the corporate kiss butt character he has become. It is hard to deny all the good he has done for children through Make-a-Wish. Not like the WWE ever will let us forget the fact he does it. There is something that just isn’t genuine about this man. C.M Punk regardless of how you may feel about him is genuine and that shines through. Also, in a different and more positive light so in Daniel Bryan.

Cena in this movie he is currently filming is playing the role of a villain. Hold the phone, your telling me John Cena can be a bad guy in a movie and this is ok? Really, well how can this be, if he is not allowed to do the same thing in his role as wrestler? It makes you wonder if John Cena is the one that doesn’t want to change his stripes or if it is in fact the WWE.

John Cena last we checked is able to hear like a normal human being. He has to have heard the boos getting louder and louder over the years. Yet there he stands still being the same old “Hustle Loyalty and Respect” John Cena we have come to not respect but despise.

He comes back from injuries in a way that calls to question how this is humanly possible without some help of some kind. Hulk Hogan has a credo as well of training, saying your prayers and taking you vitamins. This all became pretty laughable when it became public knowledge of his steroid use. The WWE these days has a “Wellness Policy” and it suggests that talent are tested and monitored for drug use. They have suspended top star like Randy Orton a couple of times. Under the policy if Orton were to get a third strike he would be gone from the WWE. Safe to say we don’t expect that third strike to ever come. Nor would I expect a strike to ever be beside the name of John Cena.

Brock Lesnar may not be a people person and he is his own genetic freak. At least we know at some point that he has been tested in his time in the UFC. Is this to suggest that Brock is clean and never took a steroid? No, but at least he has a record of passing some tests.

The truth is I could careless if Cena took anything or he didn’t. I just point out the lengths he is willing to go too in order to be in the WWE spotlight. Is that because he is the ultimate company man that we all see him as being? Maybe, but it is just as easy to believe it his insecurity of losing his spot on top of the mountain.

Being on the verge of this match the majority of people expect Cena to lose and taking it a step beyond people expect Lesnar to carry the belt to Wrestlemania. This in order to turn over the title to the guy that is widely considered the WWE’s successor to Cena’s throne Roman Reigns.

Does anyone else find it convenient that all of the sudden Cena is skipping Monday night’s at work on Raw to do a movie? In addition these rumours that he plans on doing more of this going forward and working in movies. Aside from this making him the biggest hypocrite on the planet given his statements both in and out of character (if that even exists anymore with him) that he said about Dwayne Johnson.

John Cena is becoming what he claims to hate in The Rock. How long before John Cena is mailing it in via satellite like Rocky? I guess I am starting to wonder if John Cena has had enough of the WWE and doing all this with a growing number of people not really wanting him around. He claims a reaction is a reaction and it doesn’t matter but in all honesty is this true. When Brock returned and Cena wasn’t on the show did anyone really miss him? Sure the kids did, but beyond that I am pretty sure we all survived.

The WWE is building and growing and getting ready for life without John Cena and you would have to be blind not to see it. Roman Reigns is the guy that they worry about these days. So I wonder if this guy that has always claimed to love the WWE walks away from it and doesn’t give it another thought. If C.M Punk can afford to never comeback to the company safe to say John Cena could pretty much sit home on his butt and never work another day in his life.

In the end will John Cena expose himself for being the guy with think he really is behind all of the plastic that goes with being that corporate face of the company? John Cena living in the Barbie dream house in his role as Ken with Nikki Bella as his Barbie doll seems to make a lot of sense.

The man who made the catchphrase “The Champ is here” is going to be part of launching a time period where the champion who will not be him will likely not be. This might not be as big a deal as we think and if done correctly might actually make the WWE Title mean more. In things like boxing and UFC you see a title defended like maybe twice in a calendar year or sometimes 3 times as Ronda Rousey is on pace to do in the UFC.

Maybe being there every week doesn’t really matter. Maybe being their every week is more about feeding an ego than drawing ratings. Can we all not agree the best thing for everyone might be for John Cena to take a break and give us a break from him?

If he still wants to do this for longer it would certainly help him both as a character and physically. As much as WWE tries to sell us on this idea that John Cena is Superman he really isn’t. Even though he has a tough time coming off like it he is in fact a human being. John has been riding a rough ride for anyone for 12 straight years going at a high rate of speed.

Maybe, just maybe, both John Cena and the Championship he has held 15 times don’t need to be in our face on a weekly basis. Perhaps this theory on both accounts is about to be put to the test.

There is a growing group of talented guys that would benefit in the long term without Cena being around. This comes at a time when Hulk Hogan the ultimate guy who never goes away is talking about getting into shape for one last match which he wants to have with Cena.

I have the perfect stipulation for this match let’s have it a loser goes away forever match and they both can lose. The idea of such a contest is just so laughable to me that Hogan and Cena in a ring would interest anyone. Perhaps I am wrong as a ton of people seem dead set on seeing a guy in his mid-fifties wearing face paint and t-shirt wrestle a match in the WWE.

Wrestling as much as people try to turn it into "Neverland" where no one every gets old. This isn’t a Disney movie or the latest WWE Video Game. The signs have been clear for years that the WWE audience wants change and they are tired of not just Cena but others from the past. Randy Orton, Big Show and Kane are all felt of in much the same light. We have seen them all for far to long and want something different.

The master of the craft of knowing when to come and go is Chris Jericho. He has been smart enough never to over stay his welcome in the WWE and that is why fans still love him. Even he is started to reach that point of we have seen it all from him. At least he gets the concept of being over exposed. I am not sure the WWE or John Cena has any concept of what that is.

Go try and be a movie star John Cena. Why heck, go play with all your expensive cars. The shocking thing is to both you and the WWE is that the company will still survive and maybe even have a better chance to thrive without you.

If I have to see John Cena popping up for as many years as I have Hulk Hogan I am not sure I can survive such a thing. As much as I despise Hogan, for a variety of reasons, it is almost wrong to compare Cena to him. Hogan like it or not made wrestling to a point. John Cena has failed to maintain wrestling to the levels it was at when he was handed the ball.

We ALWAYS can see you John Cena and that is the problem.

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