Thursday, August 14, 2014

TNA GONE....From Thursday Nights

You’re a company that has been told you are no longer welcome to be on a network and are praying you can find someone dumb enough to have you on the air who are you? If you said TNA, you are correct and the ostrich of the wrestling business is for around the millionth time saying they have big news to announce. Can we have a drum roll please?  No can’t afford it due to budget cuts…Oh well here is the alleged BIG NEWS!

Therefore, Impact that if you have not been living under a Rock is expected to be given the boot by Spike-TV in October is now getting an early boot to another night on Spike. No word as to why perhaps Bar Rescue needed to be shown on a different night and get the strong lead in of Cops.

If we did not know, TNA’s issues with Spike on might see this as a smart or reactionary move with Smackdown rumoured to be returning to Thursday nights. In addition, the NFL is almost a month away and is expanding its Thursday night games to CBS this season. Whatever the case TNA tries to present this as their choice but let’s be honest, they have about as much leverage with Spike-TV as the WWE has with stopping its fans from chanting CM Punk during an A.J Lee match. TNA also has missed the boat on now Ex-WWE Star Alberto Del Rio who is apparently going to join AAA wrestling the Mexican promotion that Konan is booking for and has its own plans to enter the U.S market sometime this year.

Therefore, TNA continues to fade away even if they are not willing to admit it. Not exactly, breaking news is it.  There has been an improvement in the product according to folks that still bother to watch it but it likely is a case of too little too late. I am sure the million or so loyal TNA watchers will figure out the show is on Wednesdays and not just gone. That said for the casual TNA viewer if there is such a thing they might assume it is gone.

Will have our thoughts on our Video Podcast coming up at 7:30 tonight.