Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lesnar vs Cena Re-Match: Change Or Back To More Of The Same?

Summerslam at least gave the illusion that things have changed with Brock Lesnar’s domination of John Cena. Last night it was announced on Main Event and on that John Cena is invoking his re-match clause to get his re-match for the title at Night of Champions.

I firmly believe the only way you can make this match compelling and make people believe Cena stands a chance at all is to make this match an “I Quit Match,” that has yet to have been stipulated but this is the only thing that makes any sense after the complete domination of Cena at Summerslam. There are seeds planted to make this match as well with during the match having Brock tell the referee Charles Robinson to ask Cena if he quits on several occasions. In addition, in Paul Heyman’s speech he talked about John Cena’s not quitting during the match along with how he refused to die.

So, in the end if this is the match, have we actually turned that corner to change? Will the WWE allow Brock Lesnar to take away the one thing John Cena has left in his ability to never give up and build up Brock even stronger to be the most dominate champion the WWE has seen since perhaps Hulk Hogan? For two very different reasons mind you, but that same unbeatable nature.

Alternatively, will the WWE go back to good old Johnny, as Brock is likely under his current deal going to be off television for some time after Night of Champions? If Cena wins back the championship, it would be significant, not just for what it will mean for the direction of the company, but for wrestling history. Cena would tie the mythological number of 16 times, as a World Champion held by Ric Flair. While Flair would not be upset by this in the least, fans might not share his opinion. The reality is Flair may be an 18-21 time champion according to someone like Dave Meltzer who has covered the sport since back in the 70’s.

It also would be giving fans the double bird in some respect by giving the title back to Cena on several levels. Not to mention the title of beating the man that took Undertaker’s streak and being the guy to beat that man going to John Cena. Why on earth would you do that?  Cena goes on to be billed as the greatest World Champion of all-time. It would just be an Anti-Cena fan nightmare.

Factor in the WWE Network and people looking to re-subscribe for another six months may not know whom the company is going with between Cena and Lesnar. It like makes those people sit back and wait to see who actually wins at Night of Champions before they decide? If the WWE is going all in for Brock and hoping that will save the Network are they willing to make Cena the sacrificial lamb.

Let us look at this objectively even if you can’t stand Cena. He does sell a lot of merchandise and it is on foundation of his credo of hustle, loyalty and respect.  Like the Hogan mantra of train, say your prayers and take your vitamins a fourth was added.   In the case of Hogan, it was “believe in yourself.” For Cena that fourth has been “Never Give Up.” While we may scoff at it all, there is no question that never give up mantra has been adopted by children fighting life threatening diseases and this goes to the core of John Cena’s ties to “Make-A-Wish” children. While it will be part of a script, can we honestly see John Cena give up? It is a problem but one wrestling has given us an answer for in history. To have Cena be completely knocked out and unable to say the words would allow Brock to get a dominating win, but Cena still able to save face for all the people that support him and believe in his credos.

Still as much as we thought, Summerslam marked a change as we did last year with Daniel Bryan being placed as the top “babyface” in the company. It would not be the rise that people had hoped for him. It had stops & starts and Daniel never giving the chance to take advantage of a time without Cena around due to injury. Here we sit again thinking we could have had a real cosmic change to the WWE, but it can all be taken away at Night of Champions and lead to more of the same.

It is quite brilliant in a way to have some real interest in a match that was so one sided in the first match. Anything other than going in this, “I Quit’ direction makes no sense to me at all. It is the only way to me you can justify this re-match at this point.

Cena vs. Lesnar in the legit rubber match with both has a win. It is Brock vs. Cena III for all the marbles and the future of the WWE on the line.

A little much…..maybe but maybe not. 

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