Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summerslam: Seth vs Dean

The match we did not get to see at Battleground is scheduled to happen at Summerslam between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. I think if WWE creative would just get out of the way these guys could have a great feud. The fact this match is a “Lumber Jack Match” makes very little sense. Dean Ambrose won the right to make this match and he has no desire to get his hands on “Money in the Bank” briefcase? I get that Dean is suppose to be nuts and that Seth Rollins was portrayed or claims to be the brains of The Shield but seriously? It makes no logically sense that any wrestler with that opportunity available to them would not want to claim that contract. Just like, it made no sense for these guys not to have a match at Battleground to cheat people out of it.

These guys can go in the ring and really do not need much of a storyline to get people invested in these two. You do not need gimmick matches either unless they make sense. What people wanted to see was likely a ladder match for the briefcase or at least a match with it online. We are going to see them in a match at least finally to see them work. Dean has been a standout of all three members of The Shield since the break-up that was induced by Seth Rollins joining up with Triple H and The Authority. Ambrose stands out and is one of those guys where every movement and facial expression from the moment he enters an arena until he goes out of sight. The fact is if were judging the former members of the Shield on who is the best of the group on talent along it is Ambrose. He is a guy that has filled the void of C.M Punk’s absence to an extent.

If not for the gimmick attached to this match, it would have a real chance to be the match of night on Summerslam. It still might be even with the burden of this gimmick attached to it. Even the logic that Ambrose expressed to why he selected this match made no sense at all.

It is going to help Seth Rollins being paired with Ambrose in a long drawn out feud works for him in a couple of ways for his short-term future.  First of all it will help Rollins get over and how off his strengths as an in-ring competitor. For my money, Dean Ambrose is the “best seller” in this company today.  Some may get angry about this statement but as I have said in the past, he is better than Dolph Ziggler is and smarter in his selling. Dean Ambrose can sell by just his facial expressions alone. Some people just have great and very expressive faces and Dean Ambrose is one of those people.

Secondly, Seth Rollins is not ready to be in position to be taken seriously in terms of cashing in on his Money in the Bank Contract and becoming a threat to the title.  Therefore, a long feud with Dean getting in the way of him cashing in makes a ton of sense to keep him away from being involved in the title picture that he is simply not ready.

This feud started in a great way based around the “Money in the Bank” briefcase. It was simple but it all made great sense. Since that time, they have somewhat dropped the ball creatively on this feud. The saving grace is how “over” Dean Ambrose is and how upset people were with Rollins for breaking apart The Shield.

It probably is going to be a bit of a brawl with all of the people outside of the ring. I would like to believe Dean is going to win this match because it makes sense for him to win. I have a horrible feeling he is not going to win at the end of the day.

Why should Ambrose win this match? He has got to call his own shot and even though this stipulation is ridiculous, this was Ambrose’s choice. Rollins does not have his briefcase on the line either so there is no real reason Dean should not win. I expect he will be screwed over by some of the lumberjacks that will be tied to The Authority in some way. If Ambrose was not as over as is he is, mistakes in logic could really hurt him. Will see how it ends up playing out.

I assume this feud will continue not sure, where it goes to next. Perhaps we get the match involving the briefcase at Night of Champions as one of those hooks to re-new or get the network.  I assume they are loading up that card, as we likely will see Roman Reigns against Triple H on that show as well. It was originally scheduled or planned for Summerslam.

In any case, no gimmick or angle can stop Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins from having one of the better matches on the show. Even the brawl they had on the last show ended up being better than probably half of the matches on the show itself that did actually make it to the ring.

Believe that!

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