Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summerslam: Dolph vs Miz

Next up in no real order of importance we have the match-up between The Miz and Dolph Ziggler. This is for the Greater Ohio State Title, but it is only that the Intercontinental Championship feels about as important that I can make that joke. This match does feature Cleveland’s contribution to the WWE roster however with these two. Can we say this is also a match-up of one the internet fan base’s favourite wrestlers and one of their most hated in this match? I think it is a fair assessment when you consider how despite being consistently buried time after time Ziggler still receives cheers. While in contrast, The Miz is given opportunity after opportunity that he blows consistently. If there is any justice in this crazy world of wrestling, Dolph Ziggler should win this match. However, there is no real justice in the WWE as we all live in a communist universe that is ruled not by Putin but Vincent K. McMahon. I am sure will have lots of Putin talk in the Rusev vs. Swagger preview. For now let us focus in on these polar opposites at least as they appear to a large portion of the WWE fans.

The Miz is in a new gimmick that some people actually like which I can hardly believe. How anyone is buying  The Miz getting to live out what no doubt is his dream do be doing The Rock’s old Hollywood movie star gimmick. I can’t buy The Miz as a wrestler and you are going to try to sell me he is movie star based on appearances in WWE Studios movies the Marine 3 & 4. Oh and he was in some made for T.V Disney flick that I can’t remember. Kind of, like how Miz can’t remember the moment many fans despise him most for in Main Eventing Wrestlemania with John Cena.

Now if I could forget The Miz existing that would be something I would welcome. Sadly, I do not see the budget cuts leading to The Miz being on the unemployment line. The fact he currently holds the title that Randy Savage held and is considered by many the greatest to hold that title. That contrast between The Miz and Randy Savage explains all you need to know about why the Intercontinental Title has been rendered meaningless.

The WWE in their latest attempt to restore the title has been using Dolph bringing up this titles great history and the fact The Miz treats it like a prop as his motivation to win the title. This honestly is not a bad reason to have for some kind of motivation to this feud. They have also tried to play up the fact that Ziggler and The Miz have been friends for years. I have no idea if this is factual beyond the two meeting in the WWE. Real or not it also is not a bad little side bar to add to this feud.

When you think there was a time that Miz once held, the WWE Title and Dolph held the World Championship it makes this feud over the Intercontinental Title seem somewhat sad on many levels.

Dolph’s story is one of his own self-inflicted wounds along with some of the worst luck perhaps in the history of wrestling to some degree.

Let’s begin with Dolph’s self inflicted wounds first of all that involve him doing what he actually does best and that is run his mouth. He has been very vocal about how he has not been given chances over the years rubbing the WWE management types to be angry with him. In addition, they are frustrated with him not listening to them in regards to his in-ring style, which they have wanted him to do. When you consider his history with concussions that cost him his big run with the World Heavyweight Title it makes sense.  Taking a kick to the head from Jack Swagger that put him on the shelf for over a month.

Talk is the WWE sees pushing Ziggler as a main event talent is not worth it given his injury history. In addition, his unwilling nature to listen to reason in regards to his in-ring style. I like Dolph and this might be a B.S excuse on the part of WWE but it is a legitimate concern. In any case, Dolph future has been very much in question for sometime. It seems of late Dolph might be out of the doghouse finally. Likely wishful thinking and I am not sure if he won the Intercontinental title that would convince me he is out of the woods.   

Safe to say if he fails to win and The Miz retains the crowd will hate it. Some will say this will just be helping The Miz get over his new heel character. I would suggest that the Miz has become the new version of what we referenced as X-Pac heat. This is a reference to someone just simply being hated and not wanted to be involved in the show at all. In other words, just go away and get off my television screen. I proclaim that for 2014 we need to modernize the term to Miz heat.

In reality, these guys are legitimately friends from all I have seen outside of the WWE bubble. Which usually is a good recipe for two guys looking to pull off a good match? Ziggler is capable of pulling anyone into having a good match, even The Miz. I seriously doubt this match will get a lot of time. Dolph will always do whatever he can with whatever he is given to show off his stuff.

There has not been a ton of build to this feud but more than you would think for a match that is likely so far down the card. There is only one outcome that will be acceptable to for most fans watching live and in the viewing audience. If Dolph doesn’t win, the match I am sure Triple H will be happy to take your angry tweets and chuckle at them.

It should be a decent match given all the factors in play. Will see if it actually turns out that way or it just flops. 

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