Monday, August 4, 2014

Raw Preview: 5 Things We Expect To Happen?

We are just under two weeks out from Summerslam and we have two more Monday Night Raw’s to go. Therefore, what can we expect aside from endless reminders to purchase the WWE Network? One thing we do not expect is to see John Cena who is off being a movie star again this week. I thought that was the new gimmick for the Miz. We will see Paul Heyman and likely Brock Lesnar along side him Paul did a great interview with Brian Fritz on Between the Ropes about his DVD/BluRay that is coming out this Tuesday. Here are five things we expect to see on Raw tonight:

1. Expect another great Paul Heyman promo and maybe Brock Lesnar beating someone up in the absence of John Cena to make a point. I do not expect a match to happen just someone getting F-5ed and suffering the rather of Brock Lesnar. Paul Heyman has been doing a wonderful job of selling this match and expectation is for that to continue.

2. The introduction of the A.J injury angle as part of her feud with Paige to the Raw audience that does not bother to watch Smackdown Paige did a number on her on Smackdown and maybe finally is a full-fledged heel? In any case, this feud for the Diva’s Championship has taken a backseat to the Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella feud.

3. Dean Ambrose to be back on Raw where he belongs and getting his plans for Summerslam made official. Expect him and Seth Rollins to get into it once again leading to a match at Summerslam maybe even for that briefcase that Seth holds with the Money and the Bank Contract.

4. More “Bitch Slaps” and smack talk between Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon. I expect Steph to book both Bella’s in a match where they are out numbered and over matched. I think ultimately we are heading to a Bella sisters feud coming out of this match with Stephanie getting the win at Summerslam. So seeing the Bellas together and united, the next couple of weeks will make it a bigger surprise for some when Nikki turns on her sister.

5. Roman Reigns need to get his Mojo back after taking a heck of a beating from Randy Orton. Some might have heard that these two might have some legitimate heat between them based on Randy kind of dogging it in house show matches between the two. This feud may well be going on in the ring and outside of it. For my money Reigns needs to get some measure of revenge between now and Summerslam.

Other things we should see is more build to Wyatt against Chris Jericho. Perhaps some clarity on where the Tag-Team titles our heading for Summerslam. Expect to see more U-S-A Chants as the Swagger against Rusev build continues.Have the match made for an Intercontinental title contest between Miz and Dolph Ziggler made official for Summerslam. We should expect some more character development on the new trio of Xavier Woods, Kofi and Big E as they continue to evolve into the nation 2.0?  A crazy Goldust and Stardust promo and Damien Sandow dressed in some locally offensive costume.

All in all that should all be part of you Raw three hour tour.

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