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Condo on the Moon Podcast #23

Today let's call the podcast a double feature with Ring of Honor star Matt Taven on the program back at 1005 health. We chat with him about his upcoming match with Jay Lethal at Field of Honor in a steel cage. Look at the independent scene as a whole. In addition he shares his thoughts about Kevin Steen ending his time in the independent scene and in Ring of Honor.

We have a second guest as well who is also a returning guest like Matt Taven. Chris Harrington joins us to dive into the business world of wrestling. Talking about the WWE's recent issues with the network and their quarterly report. TNA and the story of their television issues with Spike-TV. Even dive into a conversation about U-Stream and how ROH has found a way to continue a relationship with them for I-PPV's. In addition a fascinating WWE Trivia question based on 2014 that I got wrong and everyone I have asked since this interview has gotten wrong as well. Can you get it right tune in and see.

This all along with myself and Chris Walder taking a look at WWE Raw and the build to Summerslam. Some tips on some great things you should check out in terms of interviews and podcasts and a run down of the ROH card set to hit Brooklyn on August 15th that has had a couple matches added to it.

It is a long one but a good one hence why were calling this week a double feature which also features a couple guests making return appearances. All of that and it isn't going to cost you 9.99 it is one hundred percent FREE each and every Friday here on Condo on the Moon. So if you like it help us spread the word and let others in on the best podcast they have yet to find on the internet on Pro Wrestling.

Thanks to our guests Matt and Chris for returning to the program we look forward to talking again to them in the future. ROH is in town locally on September 6th for their All-Star Extravaganza I-PPV so go get a ticket while you still can. Just leave a couple cheap ones for myself and Chris Walder if you could.

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Condo on the Moon Podcast #22

Another week and another podcast. We talk some ROH and look at their card so far for Field of Honor. They also have the last on going streak in wrestling with "The New Streak" after Bo Dallas was defeated on Monday. Summerslam chat and a spoiler on what lies ahead in NXT for their next Special Event in September. Also an update on our guest that was unable to make it this week.

Thanks to everyone for listening and if you like the podcast please help spread the word and help us grow our audience.

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Condo on the Moon is on Twitter and Facebook and check out our weekly podcasts Every Friday

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Episode 21

So welcome to another week of Condo on the Moon. We talk what is going on in WWE and some ROH as we do each and every week on the podcast

So that is it for another week if you have trouble listing here head over to our Podcast hosts at Podomatic.

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Condo on the Moon is on Twitter and Facebook and check out our weekly podcasts Every Friday

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Episode 20:

  This week on the podcast a special intro off the top dedicated to Kevin Steen as he embarks on his final two matches in Ring of Honor. It was my pleasure to share my thoughts on Steen earlier today in Between the Ropes. This along with WWE talk heading into Battleground and how the TNA Champion will fair in MMA. This and a lot more in episode 20 of the podcast go have a listen:

I mentioned the contest in Between The Ropes for Battleground don't delay as last I checked there was only a few spots left for your chance at picking up 50 bucks for free. Thanks for listen and thanks to Kevin Steen for all he gave to Ring of Honor he leaves big shoes to be filled.

If you are unable to access the podcast through your device of choice no problem just click here and listen over at out podcast hosts Podomatic. 

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Condo on Moon Podcast #19

Another week and another podcast as the world is talking about King James we attempt to talk some wrestling. We discuss are week of the WWE Network so far and what the Attitude Era and 80's had that is missing today. In addition we talk about how the Shield became part of the Lebron James story today thanks to social media. That and a lot more as we come off our first ever video podcast that we will be doing EVERY THURSDAY at 8pm. So join us and be a part of that show with your questions next Thursday.

If you are unable to access the podcast through the website Click Here to get it direct from our podcast hosts Podomatic.

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Condo on the Moon is on Twitter and Facebook and check out our weekly podcasts Every Friday! If you have questions/comments for our NEW Weekly Google+ Show Live Thursday's 8pm EST use hashtag #AskMachoMoon. You can find us now at   

Condo on Moon Podcast #18

We have a jam packed show with Seleziya Sparx as our guest and a little bit of ROH talk but a ton of WWE news in and out of the ring. Seleziya will be in action this Sunday at Alpha-1 Wresting in my hometown Hamilton,Ontario bell time 6pm at 222 Queenston Road. So not much to say this week let's get down to it.

Thanks to Seleziya and everyone enjoy your weekend holiday weekend or not.If your not able to listen interview here please head over Podcast hosts Podomatic. For the whole Alpha-1 card head over to their website.

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Condo on Moon Podcast #17

 We are back for another week of podcasting as we have two guests in addition to reviewing the ROH pay-per-view debut did it live up to Adam Cole's word on this podcast that it would not disappoint? We share are thoughts on a historic moment for ROH debuting on live pay-per-view for the first time.

Michael Elgin won the ROH World Title defeating Adam Cole in the main event. We have a guy he helped train on the program in Ethan Page who since last appearing on our podcast has had a lot of big events in his world as well. Including being one half of a wrestling video that vent viral and he has had some other cool stuff happening for him including his debut on ROH television. We get his thoughts on Elgin winning the title and his thoughts on the Best In The World PPV. Also promoting a show locally here in the Southern Ontario Area for Alpha-1 Wrestling. The made a Power Rangers inspired promo video for the event that is worth having a look at

 We also welcome Chris Harrington who is a number crunching wrestling fan who is perhaps one of the world's only experts in "Wrestlenomics" it is nothing like "thugonomics" as it involves a lot of math and research. Who better to help us understand what a potential battle between TNA and ROH for the number two spot in wrestling has any viability. He also gets into where and why the WWE might be heading towards a Cena vs Lesnar title match at Summerslam and the impact MMA stars not named Brock Lesnar could have on the WWE. Chris writes for a number of websites including He also has a podcast and is writing a book titled of course Wrestlenomics. You can find a link to his twitter in the link above. Bottom line he makes every wrestling fan seem a little smarter by being one of us.

Oh and Chris Walder is out of sick bay so we dread or is it look forward to Money In the Bank:

If you are unable to listen to the podcast through our site or would like to listen to via I-Tunes please head over to our Podcast hosts Podomatic.

Thanks to both are guests and as we mentioned if you would like to support Ethan and get a T-Shirt head over to Pro Wrestling Tees to his page and order a shirt. I have used them before and their service is excellent and first rate. Or an even better idea if you live in the Southern Ontario area come to the Alpha-1 show and save the shipping and handling. I have no shirts to sell but if you want to say hello ore even better buy me a beer I plan to be at the show on July 6th. Tickets are sold at the door so come on down. If my picks in audio former were not good enough check them out along with the rest of the staff over at Between The Ropes for Money in the Bank.

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Condo on The Moon Episode 16

We promised you a big show and we have delivered the goods. I sat down this week with both Michael Bennett and Court Bauer to talk about all that is going on with ROH Wrestling as they are on the verge of heading to Live PPV from Nashville this Sunday at 8pm and also on I-PPV in areas is not available

If you want to check it out here is a link to the list of Cable Providers for this Sunday.

Mike Bennett gives his thoughts on what is going on with his tag-team partner on Sunday and we talk alot about his time in ROH and some of his influences that include Kevin Steen his rival at the end 2013 in a tremendous feud. The feud ended at Final Battle this last December which is when Court Bauer joined the company as a consultant. We talk about how Court got involved in the company. He also helps me preview the big card on Sunday. This is only scratching the surface as both Court and Mike were talk with me for over 40 minutes a piece. So have a listen and enjoy.

So we have done are best to get some of the stars from Ring Of Honor to talk with us and to all of you with their pitches for this Sunday. Having talked to everyone it is hard not to feel the excitement that is happening within that company. We at Condo on the Moon wish them luck and look forward to working with ROH in the future as they will be back north of the border in September.

If your having any trouble accessing the Podcast through our site go use this link and listen form our Podcast host directly. 

Oh and as I promised my colleagues at Between The Ropes as talked with both Roderick Strong and Jay Lethal. He still has no excepted my "Macho Man" Off Challenge. He probably hasn't heard about it yet.One day it will happen. It has been a pleasure working with all these folks from ROH over the last month or so.

Follow our guests : @CourtBauer @RealMikeBennett

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Condo on the Moon #15

No one here was fired even though we are going guest-less this week still we have news of not one but two guests for next week so there is that to look forward too. It also gives us time to talk about all the events of what was an eventful day in WWE yesterday. In addition talk of ROH and TNA as things are heating up in the race for number two in North America. All this and a lot more including we let you know about a talent Lana had that you may not have known about.

So fingers crossed two guests next week and a big super jam packed show to preview Ring Of Honor's "Best In The World" pay-per-view. So make sure you tune in next week and get all set for that.

Condo on the Moon is on Twitter and Facebook and check out our weekly podcasts Every Friday! You can find us now at  

Condo on the Moon Podcast #14

We have been promoting it since last week and the time is here as Adam Cole the Ring Of Honor World Champion is here on our podcast. Adam will be in action this weekend for ROH and from their moves on to "Best In The World" to defend his World Title against Michael Elgin on June 22nd live on PPV. It is the first time Ring of Honor will be on live PPV and we talk with Adam about the pressure for him leading into this big event in the history of the company. Thoughts on the man he is facing in one Michael Elgin. His recent loss of his PWG Title and all the stuff he has done in that promotion and a lot more. Including as people heard last week me breaking the news to him about the relationship status of Ronda Rousey. It is a great interview and on top of that we talk all of the news in the week in WWE. The future for their world title and Daniel Bryan and the future for The Shield. Look back on how Batista's run went in WWE and a lot more. It is we think our biggest show ever so enough hype just go have a listen and see if you agree?

Thanks to Adam Cole and our guest last week Matt Taven we hope to have another great guest for you next week as well. I have a couple irons in the fire but nothing has been set in stone. Check out @Condoonthemoon and will keep you updated on who we will have next week. If your new to our podcast we hope you enjoyed it and will come back and join us. We are doing are best to give you a product worth coming to check out every Friday.

If you have trouble accessing the podcast through the site on your device go directly to our podcast host just click here.

Condo on the Moon Podcast #13 

This is perhaps the biggest podcast we have done to this point. Former Ring of Honor Television Champion Matt Taven joins us on the show. He shares his thoughts on the upcoming ROH PPV “BEST IN THE WORLD” in Nashville on June 22nd. In addition to that we have another big interview for next week. This along with CM Punk declaring he is retired from wrestling. We share our thoughts on a tremendous NXT Takeover show and preview of WWE Payback.If there is time for anything else we shall see. In any case it is a jam packed show with a great interview.

News this Wednesday on Bauer and Pollock show for Canadian ROH fans wanting to see the PPV good news. A number of major carriers will be caring the "Best In The World" including Rogers, Bell Satellite and some other major providers. So check with your cable company to see if you can get it in your area. If you are unable it will still be offered live on I-PPV on U-Stream as were the New Japan Shows.

Note: If you have trouble accessing the podcast with your device through our site try a direct link to our podcast host where you can listen via I-Tunes or there.  Condo on the Moon Podcast #12 This week might be the calm before the storm as fingers crossed we have a couple guests coming up from Ring Of Honor Wrestling That to look forward to we look back on a week that had some sad remembrances with Randy Savage passing away 3 years ago earlier in the week and today marks 15 years since the tragic death of Owen Hart. I wrote on both for Between the Ropes today on Owen and earlier in the week on Randy.  I hope I did both many justice by my words. But it is not all doom and gloom as we have fun talking about Chris Walder's ability or lack of ability to know how to talk to divas and women in general. We get into a conversation about ROH and the new the Kevin Steen is on his way to NXT and WWE Developmental.

So next week fingers crossed will have a great guest for you and announcement for another big guest the following week. If you new and you like what you hear please help us spread the word and if you don't already follow us @Condoonthemoon

If you aren't seeing the podcast on your device you are accessing the blog try this direct link to our podcast home and you can listen via I-Tunes from there. So click here for that.
 Condo on the Moon #11

This has been a busy week in Wrestling and for me personally. WWE Stock took a nose dive on news they did not cash in big time on their T.V as the WWE is staying put with NBC Universal. We talk about what the WWE might do about the WWE World Championship with Daniel Bryan on mend from neck surgery. In addition we talk about my wrestling weekend that I wrote about if you missed it. I had a great time at Global Wars and we look ahead to ROH War of the Worlds. In addition rumours about a tag-team that may be coming for ROH's debut on PPV at Best In The World on June 22nd. I also mention how I am now a columnist for Between The Ropes and writing for them as well as here.Recount my encounters with several wrestlers I met on the weekend from ROH.

I mentioned the local promotion Alpha-1-Wrestling here in Hamilton. I actually got the date wrong it is July 6th and here is there Power Rangers Promo for that event that is pretty funny check it out.

Follow us on Condo on the Moon on Twitter or hey if you really love us like us on Facebook too. You can also check out all my work for Between the Ropes with this link and give them a follow @BetweenTheRopes on Twitter.In addition unless you are an Alicia Fox fan follow my podcast partner @WalderSports on Twitter.  

Condo on the Moon #10

 I am having a fun wrestling weekend so the podcast is a little early this week. I am off to Global Wars in Toronto Saturday and taking in Alpha-1-Wrestling here in Hamilton. Kevin Steen will be on both of these events and I am looking forward to my first experience seeing ROH live. I have talked a lot about loving what ROH is doing and I am putting my money where my mouth is.

We also talk WWE and look back on Extreme Rules and a forgettable Raw.

So I am off to enjoy my wrestling weekend. I should have some exciting news over the weekend on a totally different front. Follow @CondoontheMoon for all the great stuff I am up to wrestling wise. You can also like us on facebook. Our facebook page is very jealous of our Twitter accounts success so show it some love to please.

  Condo on Moon Podcast #9

 We go from the board rooms to the ring this week on the Podcast. WWE Business to the next PPV and if it will be BEST FOR BUSINESS. An old favourite WWE Show coming back to WWE Network but should we really be that excited about it? Speaking of the Network still no way to LEGALLY get on board with the network outside of U.S till late 2014 or early 2015. We may not have the WHOLE WORLD IN OUR HANDS but we do have a twitter account @Condoonthemoon and facebook page. What we don't have is a guest this week but that is ok because James Borbath and Chris Walder had lots to talk about.

Thanks to all of you that already have followed us on Twitter please spread the word and let folks know about the Condo on The Moon. If your new to the Condo on the Moon welcome aboard. Our Podcast drops every Friday evening and great articles all week long. So freak out cause we are here and looking to build our own wrestling family with all of you.  

Condo On Moon Podcast #8

Back a little late, but for a little longer as we talk about the news of the week in wrestling. Myself and Chris Walder talk about Mick Foley's comments about WWE, The next NXT Special Event and a lot more. Also we have Steve Muehlhausen from Between the Ropes website to talk about the crossover between MMA and WWE and if we ever get a four horsewomen invasion

Thanks to Steve and make sure to check out his great work along with Brian Fritz over at Between The Ropes. Also make sure to give a like on Facebook. The 10 Count will be back in effect on Sunday and will more people read that than watch the TNA PPV something to wonder about.  

Condo on Moon Podcast #7

This week on the IWC Podcast we talk from the Indie scene in Ontario to WWE this week. We run the gambit including a lot of talk about a big week for ROH. Ethan Page an independent wrestler featured on the Future of Honor show going down tonight in the U.S is our guest. Like me from Hamilton,Ontario Canada which we talk about our pride in that and a lot more.

Thanks to Ethan Page for joining us this week you can keep up with him on You-Tube and Twitter. You want to check out his moves here is a look via his You Tube Channel:

As for us like us on Facebook on The Condo on the Moon Page. If you enjoy the show tell a friend and spread the word.    

Condo on Moon Podcast #6

 It is our pleasure to welcome another great guest to the program this week. Jason Agnew has been one of the Co-Host's of The Law for well over a decade. You can hear The Law on TSN 1050 every Sunday night at 11pm. We talk about the two big stories of the week the end of the Undertaker's Streak and the death of  the Ultimate Warrior after having just been on WWE programming for first time in a long time. A great thrill to talk with Jason and be on Title Bout Trivia on The Law this weekend. Chris and myself offer our takes on Mania and the night after Raw.

You can catch Jason talking about the latest NXT on his podcast over on The Law website on the Fight Network. It was great to have Jason come on board and hope to have him back as well as perhaps some other members from The Law family.  

Condo On Moon Podcast #5

 Wrestlemania 30 is just days away and we have a special guest on the program long time WWF/E Official Jimmy Korderas and currently part of Aftermath on Sportsnet 360. I speak with Jimmy about the roles of refs in wrestling, preview Wrestlemania 30, some exciting news for Aftermath viewers and a cool Randy Savage story. That and a whole lot more as we discuss the future of wrestling and where the WWE is heading. Chris Walder is also on the show my regular co-host as we make our Wrestlemania picks and talk some news from the week leading into Wrestlemania.

Thanks to Jimmy for joining us and here is a link to the article he wrote on Undertaker's Streak. For all the stuff on WWE at Sportsnet you can check it out here. Also if you have not a got a copy of Jimmy's Book: The Three Count: My Life in Stripes as a WWE Referee here is link to order it on Thanks so much to Jimmy for taking the time out to talk some wrestling with us it was much appreciated.

For folks that might have just found us please give us a like on Facebook to keep up to date with all the is going on in the Condo on The Moon. All that being said enjoy Wrestlemania and all the great events and content that is provides for wrestling fans.  

Condo on Moon Podcast #4

 We are back for another week with the normal cast of character myself and Chris Walder. We talk about the build or lack of build to Wrestlemania 30. Some thoughts on that as well as some thoughts on what ROH is doing right that TNA and WWE are not. Also some pretty cool booking ideas that I spitball for Mania and beyond.

Thanks for listening and please spread the word about the IWC podcast and the Condo on the Moon Blog.

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Condo on Moon Podcast #3

Excited to have a guest this week who has covered the wrestling business for 16 years. Brian Fritz has been covering the pro wrestling buisness for both radio and print outlets over the years. He currently runs a great website that I mentioned in a post on podcasts that I love. So it a great pleasure to have Brain from Between The Ropes on our IWC podcast here on Condo on the Moon.

Chris Walder will be back next week along side me for the podcast. I want to thank Brian for coming on board and being our first guest. Trying to work at getting more guests you'll enjoy and maybe even get some wrestlers at some point? I hope so, I learned from my experience in basketball if you work at you can build relationships and get guests. It just takes working hard at it and some people being willing to give you a chance. Brian did that for me and I thank him for that and for not mentioning Kobe Bryant scoring 81 points against the Raptors.

Follow Brian on Twitter: @BrianFritz
Follow Between The Ropes on Twitter: @BetweenTheRopes

and Like our Facebook Page: for Condo on The Moon

Condo On Moon Podcast #2 Week two what you gonna do brother! Well I will tell you we talk about Daniel Bryan and his road after Wrestlemania. TNA's return to PPV that was called Lockdown but by looks of the crowd maybe it should have been Lockout. While TNA struggles ROH seems to on the rise? Talk about the lack of knowledge about the Mania under card. Does a Battle Royal work in 2014 as a concept. In addition what former WWE Women's Champion is not a fan of the term Diva. We look at the state of Diva's Division in WWE.

If your enjoying the show please let people know about as we are trying to get this podcast off the ground and build an audience and a fanbase for this. We have some guests were trying to book for the upcoming weeks that we hope you will enjoy.

  Condo On Moon Podcast #1 Today we debut are weekly podcast with just under an hour of wrestling talk focused on the Road to Wrestlemania. Myself....James Borbath and Chris Walder are your hosts for this hour of hopefully fun and intelligent wrestling talk. Thoughts on C.M Punk and him not being on the road to mania. Breakdown of many of the matches that have been set up for Wrestlemania. All this and a pretty decent idea to have Ronda Rousey be apart of Wrestlemania.

So that was it hope you enjoyed it and if you did let people know we are here. Want to give us some feedback reach me @Dinonationblog or get a hold of Chris @Waldersports on Twitter. Will be doing this podcast every week so take a ride with us each and every week taking you into all the news and notes in crazy world of wrestling each and every week.