Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Brock vs Cena III Set For Night of Champions

 Brock vs Cena III is on for Night of Champions as WWE.Com is reporting as breaking news. Cena will take his shot at tying the record of Ric Flair in being a 16-time World Champion. The re-match will go down on September 21st. I had speculated in podcast on Between the Ropes that I expected this re-match between the two. I had speculated this will be some form of "I Quit" match which has yet to be announced. Cena is expected to appear on Raw next Monday while Brock is not booked to appear until the Monday prior to Night of Champions.

Will see what happens with the making of this match but the match is set and as it is spelled out with Cena using his re-match clause that makes the idea of Lesnar rejected the match not really an option. After his domination of Cena it would be highly unlikely he would want to though. This is why I expect Cena to drop the bombshell of the stipulation on Raw next week. Paul Heyman in his epic promo in praising Cena mention his undying spirit and unwillingness to quit. It all makes sense and gives you reason to believe either man could win after that epic one-sided beat-down.

For now we know we have a re-match and will see if it can draw the same interest as the original match that seemed to have a real buzz attached to it.