Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Raw Launches A New Era in WWE

It was a much-anticipated Raw coming off a very memorable Summerslam. In the end, the show had a few highlights but did not seem to live up to hype unlike Summerslam. The show boiled down to three big things. It was a strange Vegas crowd that cheered Ryback in a six-man tag to insane levels.

The show opened with Stephanie coming out to Daniel Bryan’s music in her new Steph! Steph! Steph! T-Shirt. She talked about how great Summerslam was and bragged about her victory over Brie Bella. She said that she did not do it alone and thanked her husband Triple H for his love and support. She than introduced Nikki Bella and invited her to come out to the ring.

Nikki has her shoe come off and then has her microphone not work when she starts to cut her big heel turn moment. Nikki tries to explain why she turned on her sister. I thought Nikki was slightly better than Brie. In any case Brie would come out and say Nikki is breaking up their family and Nikki eventually slaps Brie and she goes crying to the back. For better or worse and honestly I am leaning to worse the Bella vs. Bella feud is underway. May the Lord help us all that we survive this one!

Brock Lesnar is presented with a brand new WWE Title that features the New WWE Logo that debuted on this show. Triple H and Stephanie were out to reveal the new title and present it to Brock Lesnar. He and Heyman come out and he is given the belt. All four pose for pictures on each side of the ring like Hulk Hogan use to do cupping his hand to the ear back in the day to all sides of the ring. 

Triple H and Steph would exit and Paul Heyman would cut an epic promo that would just continue to keep his streak of great promo work in tact. Heyman attempts to put over John Cena and even claims his only children are John Cena fans, which makes him sick. He does a recap of the match by repeating Suplex and repeat. It was just another epic Paul Heyman promo. It is fair to say that Paul Heyman has been the performer of the year to this point. Given the lack of appearances the New Champion, we should see a lot more of Heyman moving forward.

Last and not least earlier in the night, Seth Rollins is doing an interview with Renee Young and is showered with ice water. He turns around to see Dean Ambrose and Ambrose has a strange look on his face. Ambrose says what it is for charity and than smashes, the bucket in his face and fight breaks out.

This enraged Rollins who went to Triple H demanding that they do something to take care of Ambrose once and for all. Triple H who was talking to Kane at the time tells Rollin to relax that they were going to make a match for tonight and allow the fans to pick the stipulation. That way the blood of Ambrose would be on their hands.

In the end fans would pick a falls count anywhere match that was as crazy and wild as you night expect. These two went all over the place and perhaps topped their match the prior night. The match would end with Ambrose getting curb stomped into cinder blocks of cement and knocked Ambrose out which caused the ref to call for the bell. Kane assisted Rollins by holding Ambrose down to allow the stomp on the cement. In reality Dean Ambrose is off to do a movie so this was a nice way to go out with a great match and a legitimate explanation as to why you are out for a long period of time.

Aside from these three big parts of the show, it seems we are starting a Bo Dallas vs. Swagger feud and Rusev vs. Mark Henry feud as well. Bo came out and said Swagger let down America lost his manager but do not lose hope you just have to Bolieve. While Henry came out, challenged Rusev, and brought up his experience as an Olympian and being disgusted by what he saw last night on Summerslam.

There was some other stuff, nothing that blew you away. It was a decent Raw but might have not lived up to the hype of a hot Summerslam. We are promised a John Cena return next week. I have a theory that we are going to see a Cena vs. Lesnar re-match at Night of Champions that I feel will be an I Quit match. I gave further explanation to my thoughts on this in the Post Show of Summerslam for Between the Ropes on Sunday night.   

Will see if that is where we are heading Brock will not be on Raw; next week so will see what happens.

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