Monday, August 18, 2014

5 Matches For Wrestlmania 31, Coming Out of Summerslam

Summerslam is in the books time to dream ahead to Wrestlemania 31 and come up with five matches we expect to be on the card. So ready…set…here we go.

1. Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns
: Not a very bold pick to start with but the most obvious pick to be made. Even the most obvious selection has its risks to it. An injury a sudden change in direction like the one we saw last year with Daniel Bryan. Someone is getting a shot at Lesnar at Mania and I expect him to still be champion at the time so Reigns is the one to beat one that conquered the streak of The Undertaker. I think the biggest obstacle to us not seeing the match is Reigns development and if people high up in the company are not happy with it. A potential show down with Triple H could put any such questions to bed one way or the other. Daniel Bryan in an interview with Brian Fritz expressed his desire to mix it up with Lesnar at some point when he returns. Reigns could end up in the role of Batista, which in the WWE this January was not a fun role to have.

2. Stephanie McMahon vs. A.J Lee
: This is my pipe dream fantasy that I believe is going to happen. Mainly because it would have a real element of real life, drama given the husbands of the two ladies involved. There is one no one expects to be back, in the company any time soon if at all. Instead of fight, those CM Punk chants why not embrace them head on with this feud. Stephanie is without equal on the microphone in this company. If anyone were going to give her a competitive battle, it would be A.J Lee, who is very skilled in her own right.  In ring, Steph can be cared to a much better match than she had with Brie at Summerslam. A.J could be on the outs with WWE like her husband and decide to leave. Still I think this is a feud worth sticking around for A.J. As strange and ironic as this is A.J has talked about Steph being one of her idols. If that remains true based on the battles her husband has had with the company and Steph who knows if this is still true. Fans would eat this up and way more than they did Steph and Brie or a potential. Bella vs. Bella match. If you want to take this to the total next level, how about a guest referee of Ronda Rousey? That is the cheery on top of the dream sundae. I BOlieve in this match strongly.   

3. Sting vs. Triple H: I know it is not the Undertaker. I think the deadman is done and so in his place will be Triple H to take on Sting. This will upset Dave Batista that has been vocal of the idea of ending his in-ring career with a Mania program with Triple H. Question becomes, which is the bigger draw as an option. I think the never seen Sting against Triple H match might make the most sense. In the end, people are excited about Sting and even if I do not get it, I can’t deny it. When asked if Sting could not get his dream opposition in Taker, he suggested the name Triple H and I think that could easily happen.

4. John Cena vs. Rusev
: It seems somewhat dumb and a waste of Cena to a degree, but no more than it would be to see him against Hogan. Something that Hogan has been hinting about the fact he would want to do it. America was brought to disgrace at Summerslam and now the closest thing to an American Hero we have in John Cena is going to save the U.S.A. Maybe Hogan can be involved by having Rusev attack him and John Cena coming to the rescue. Cheesy but everything about this match will be I believe.

5. Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro: I think Bryan is far outside of the title picture when he comes back. So why not pair him with someone that will give you a match that is out of this world. It is better than Bryan vs. Sheamus III or IV, I have lost count. So if Bryan is healthy this should be a solid contest to watch.  You can build up what both did at last Wrestlemania to make them look like two big stars battling it out to get back to the top.

So those are 5 matches we are predicting Wrestlemania 31 will see how we do. It is always fun to speculate to the future and many people seem to love this type of thing. So will see if any of these matches even happen.

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