Friday, August 8, 2014

Condo on the Moon Podcast #23: Matt Taven Double Feature Edition

Today let's call the podcast a double feature with Ring of Honor star Matt Taven on the program back at 1005 health. We chat with him about his upcoming match with Jay Lethal at Field of Honor in a steel cage. Look at the independent scene as a whole. In addition he shares his thoughts about Kevin Steen ending his time in the independent scene and in Ring of Honor.

We have a second guest as well who is also a returning guest like Matt Taven. Chris Harrington joins us to dive into the business world of wrestling. Talking about the WWE's recent issues with the network and their quarterly report. TNA and the story of their television issues with Spike-TV. Even dive into a conversation about U-Stream and how ROH has found a way to continue a relationship with them for I-PPV's. In addition a fascinating WWE Trivia question based on 2014 that I got wrong and everyone I have asked since this interview has gotten wrong as well. Can you get it right tune in and see.

This all along with myself and Chris Walder taking a look at WWE Raw and the build to Summerslam. Some tips on some great things you should check out in terms of interviews and podcasts and a run down of the ROH card set to hit Brooklyn on August 15th that has had a couple matches added to it.

It is a long one but a good one hence why were calling this week a double feature which also features a couple guests making return appearances. All of that and it isn't going to cost you 9.99 it is one hundred percent FREE each and every Friday here on Condo on the Moon. So if you like it help us spread the word and let others in on the best podcast they have yet to find on the internet on Pro Wrestling.

Thanks to our guests Matt and Chris for returning to the program we look forward to talking again to them in the future. ROH is in town locally on September 6th for their All-Star Extravaganza I-PPV so go get a ticket while you still can. Just leave a couple cheap ones for myself and Chris Walder if you could. 

If you have trouble accessing podcast through Condo on the Moon go to our podcast home Podomatic and listen there.  

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