Sunday, August 17, 2014

Summerslam: Brock vs Cena

It looks like I am not going to get to doing an in-depth preview on Roman Reigns and Randy Orton but I have shared my thoughts in the Summerslam Preview Podcast on Between the Ropes. As well as our Podcast here on Condo on the Moon.

But tonight is the night we see if the WWE is going to make a major change in the direction for their company based on the main event in the WWE.

Here is what I wrote about this match in Between the Ropes preview with predictions:

 It is so rare that a match in the WWE these days feels like something fresh with two long-standing characters. Just one of about a hundred reasons you could list for why Brock vs. Cena is a compelling match-up. Brock stating that he plans to practically commit a homicide on John Cena does not hurt either. All of this said what has made this feud is one man; his name is Paul Heyman. The promo work done by Heyman in the build up to this feud has been some of, if not the best of his long career in wrestling. He sold this match the night after “Battleground” and it has only been expanded upon since.
Brock Lesnar’s next loss needs to be to someone this company is going to be banking on for the next 10 years. John Cena is not that guy. If he is that guy, I am not sure I could survive that. Realistically though the WWE thinks, they have found that guy in Roman Reigns. He needs to be the one that beats the one for the future of not just him but this company as a whole. If Brock does indeed win you will need to re-educate fans to a new era where the champ isn’t here. WWE should not “hot shot” Reigns to win the belt but wait until Wrestlemania 31. Given Brock limited schedule that will mean very little of the WWE World Heavyweight Champion being seen. This is not a bad thing as Paul Heyman proved keeping Brock’s accomplishment of beating the Undertaker alive for months. He can do the same for the “NEW” WWE Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar.
A lot of futures are tied into this match and it's result and the direction we take come out of it. First and foremost might be the impact on the WWE Network in a positive or negative way.  Fans are ready to see Lesnar be champion and want to see it happen. Be damned the circumstances to that anyone but John Cena is pleasing to a majority of the audience. Right now the WWE needs a happy core fanbase that will buy the network and spread the word.

If the WWE tries to be cute with this it will blow up in their face. People want Cena beaten down and Lesnar to stand victorious and add in the fact you have the majority of your subscribers coming up to renew. You need to book to keep those people happy and give them a reason to do so.

I look forward to Summerslam on the whole we have had from top to bottom a card that has had angles booked around all the matches on the card. You may not like all the angles but you have been given something to but into or reject.

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