Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summerslam: A.J vs Paige

The Paige and A.J feud as far as I am concerned has failed to live up to the mass amount of hype people had for it when it started. This whole pretending to be friends and actually enemies this was and is ridiculous. That said Paige going heel was badly required. It has really been revitalization her and almost gave her a do-over from her original debut as babyface that was awful. A.J on the other hand is not exactly looking like much of a baby face in her actions. In the end, it doesn’t matter much.

This feud has been badly overshadowed by the Brie and Stephanie feud and despite being for the title I would bet they do not get as much match time as Steph and Brie match is given. Should be a better match with these two time restraints or not. These two are starting to develop some chemistry to some extent.

Why I feel A.J is on a different level and deserves to keep her championship. I feel for the sake of extending the feud Paige is going to win the title. I can’t see anyone positioned to jump into this feud for the Diva’s Championship.

Another thing this feud has lacked is time invested in it is build that again is because of all the time being invested in Stephanie and Brie. Second fiddle all around is this feud and it should not be in one sense being for the title. It is easy to understand why it has been with the return to the ring of Stephanie McMahon who has not wrestled in a WWE ring in over a decade.

I still think that at the end of the day we could see Stephanie to return to face A.J Lee in a match that takes place at Wrestlemania. It makes a lot of sense if WWE is willing to make it happen.

In terms of the Diva’s Title, it is not looking good being booked below Steph but it is only for one show and it understandable.

This match wise has the chance to be the best of the encounters between Paige and A.J where neither girl should have to hold back for storyline purposes and can just go at it. If this is not the best women’s in-ring match of the night it would be quite a surprise but fans are not as invested as they are in the Steph and Brie feud even despite the bad booking on Monday.

So that is it will finish up are Summerslam Previews before Sundays show.

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