Sunday, August 31, 2014

Time For Shayna Baszler To Trade UFC Octagon For WWE Ring?

Is it time for Shayna Baszler to make her way to the WWE after getting TKOed in her fight with Bethe Correia. This was Baszler’s long awaited UFC debut after having fights cancelled on a couple occasions. Baszler was on the Ultimate Fighter on "Team Rousey" and lost to the eventual winner of the show Julianna Pena. That was the bad news for Baszler, but the good news was the friendship she formed with Ronda Rousey and joining up with her to train together. Baszler brought her love and passion for the WWE to Ronda Rousey’s house and this led to Ronda becoming a bigger fan of WWE and creating the four horsewomen.

Josh Barnett who has both fought in MMA and in a pro wrestling ring has trained Baszler for years. Baszler has been in videos with Ronda Rousey with the two working a pro wrestling match. Recently the WWE had the four horsewomen at Summerslam and rolled out the red carpet for the UFC’s Women’s Bantamweight Champion and her fellow four horsewomen Baszler included. Baszler herself talked about that experience being something she will never forget and said something to effect that a 10-year-old version of her would have thought the current her was pretty cool.

In addition, Baszler has had some training sessions with Natalya from the WWE which rumours are one might be featured on Total Divas this upcoming season. It seems all of the WWE have been fans of Ronda and the Horsewomen and while the WWE has no chance at getting Rousey in their ring anytime soon. Baszler on the other hand likely could have a credible match in a WWE ring tomorrow if need be. You can argue that she has done as much as she can in MMA and is never going to be any real threat at a title.

She took a wicked beating the second round of her fight last night, after most feeling, she won the first round. It makes some sense for her to take a shot at the WWE now and see what she can do their while that option is still open to her one would have to assume. She knows wrestling inside and out and is a historian of the product. She has shown she has tons of charisma being along side Rousey.

You already have her first feud written for you being the Queen of Spades why not set up a battle with the Queen of Harts in Natalya. That would have the makings of a women’s wrestling match the likes of which we have never seen potentially.

Will see if Baszler decided to stick with UFC and MMA but for my money, her next match should take place in a ring not an octagon. She is a firecracker and could easily be in position to be a challenger for someone for the Diva’s title or even work against Stephanie at Wrestlemania 31. Is all of this crazy dreaming talk? Perhaps, but Baszler would be wise to consider the option given the way her last two fights have come out.In addition while she still has the ability to have some interest from the WWE. Even if it as pawn in a slightly larger plan to get Ronda to be a part of the company down the road. Baszler realistically would be the easiest to transition straight to wrestling as she already is somewhat trained in it.

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