Friday, August 29, 2014

Condo On The Moon Podcast #26

I am flying solo today with no Walder or guests just me and you for little over 30 minutes of what is on my wrestling brain on a Friday. So tune in and have a listen as I talk about William Regal and his new role on NXT, Nikki Bella's performance on Raw in addition some thoughts on ROH and TNA. Randy Savage or at least my impression of him gets a few cameo appearances too.

Back to a more traditional show next week hopefully. If you want to send well wishes to Chris Walder you can do so @Waldersports and use the #PrayforWaldersTeeth or don't. In any case look forward to having him back along side me next week for another episode of the show as we keep the streak alive this week.Hope people understand and still enjoy a much shorter episode than we normally produce.

If you have any issues accessing the podcast got direct to our hosts at Podomatic just Click Here.

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