Friday, August 1, 2014

Could Mount Rushmore Be Coming To NXT in 2015?

It could be nothing, but Nick Jackson one half of the Young Bucks was dropping some hints that he and his brother Matt Jackson could be heading to NXT soon. Kevin Steen who was part of the group known as Mount Rushmore is about to do his final independent date in which he is wrestling Jerry Lawler and is set to head to NXT and WWE Developmental at some point soon after. Lawler in the promo for match all but confirms this in his promo:

Now these hints on Twitter that the Young Bucks who have been the Best Tag-Team on independent scene and wresting in New Japan Pro Wrestling are teasing about going to NXT. In my mind they are the best tag team in wrestling period that are currently working in the business. The Bucks often are active on twitter and say a lot of funny stuff so could this just be a joke? Maybe, but it wouldn’t be a wise one you would figure. Here are the tweets in question and they have been up for sometime and not coming down:

Now if you want to take this dream situation to the next level, you have Adam Cole the fourth member of PWG’s Mount Rushmore and the former ROH Champion having his contract with ROH coming due in December. Cole has been talked about as a prospect that the WWE likely should already have in its fold. You could see Mount Rushmore all in NXT at the same time in 2015. It would be a huge dream for many fans that have loved the work of all four. Sami Zayn has been the true rock star of NXT since his arrival there and these 4 guys all have the potential to do the same.

Pouring cold water on this whole idea is the reality of the WWE making cuts that included NXT today with a list of talents being released. Which many will connect to all the recent cut backs the company has made in the wake of their quarterly investors report and call to end July.

Still talent is talent and there is no denying that all four of these guys have had tremendous success and really done everything they could do outside of the WWE. It would definitely generate a lot of buzz with the hardcore wrestling fans.

Maybe this speculation is just a pie in the sky dream scenario but if it is not this would be something to be very excited about for fans from the independent ranks about NXT and in turn the WWE.

I have a dream, to see Mount Rushmore in 2015 in ring that is owned by the WWE. So far officially we have 0 of the 4, but it is a very real possibility we could have all four in NXT for 2015 if the stars align and WWE is willing to make it happen. Not to say the four would reunite and bring a little PWG to WWE but in my opinion the WWE could use a little PWG and ROH type guys in their fold. They have had so much success with a number of others with same backgrounds as there 4 guys.

This is not a case of should this happen as much as it is if it will happen. These guys are all great at what they do and more than deserving of the opportunity to do it on the biggest stage wrestling has to offer and that is the WWE. The risk in bringing them into to NXT is next to nothing and the reward could be very big if they translate as well as I feel they can. Change their names do whatever you need to do but these 4 guys know how to get "over" in wrestling and have proved it time and time again on the independent scene.

Why not them. Mount Rushmore 2015 all I have to do is BOlieve right?

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