Friday, May 30, 2014

Matt Taven From ROH Checks In To The Condo On Moon Podcast

This is perhaps the biggest podcast we have done to this point. Former Ring of Honor Television Champion Matt Taven joins us on the show. He shares his thoughts on the upcoming ROH PPV “BEST IN THE WORLD” in Nashville on June 22nd. In addition to that we have another big interview for next week. This along with CM Punk declaring he is retired from wrestling. We share our thoughts on a tremendous NXT Takeover show and preview of WWE Payback.If there is time for anything else we shall see. In any case it is a jam packed show with a great interview.

News this Wednesday on Bauer and Pollock show for Canadian ROH fans wanting to see the PPV good news. A number of major carriers will be caring the "Best In The World" including Rogers, Bell Satellite and some other major providers. So check with your cable company to see if you can get it in your area. If you are unable it will still be offered live on I-PPV on U-Stream as were the New Japan Shows.

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William Regal Is Coming Into His Own As A Broadcaster

I am going to save my thoughts on NXT Takeover for our podcast that will be out tonight. It is a big show for us as we welcome former ROH T.V Champion Matt Taven to our show. It is a very good interview and Matt has some really cool things to say about ROH heading to PPV on June 22nd. I really like Steve Corino who does commentary for ROH. I think he is growing into his role as commentator. He like many, not just in wrestling, but in sports was a former competitor in the ring. Not every former wrestler or pro athlete is cut out for broadcasting.

This all leads me to the point of this blog to talk about William Regal and the tremendous job he did last night and has been doing for awhile lately down in NXT. I have made it no secret that I am not happy with commentary on the main roster. I may have much more critical opinion having studied broadcast journalism. Still, I think the average person can tell the difference between good and bad. It isn’t rocket science but it isn’t as easy as people thing it is either. One of the things you can try if you think you can do it, mute your T.V and call the action you’re seeing and record it. Listen back and evaluate if you did a good job at describing and adding to what you were seeing visually. It isn’t easy for the average person it is truly a craft.  This is a skill that you always are looking to constantly evolve in. Each time you do a broadcast, or have a chance to interview someone it is a new chance to improve and grow. If you fall into a rut and just start to mail it in the results in that will show. That is what I feel is happening with the main broadcast crew on Raw.

One of the things in that little experiment that I failed to have you experience was having people talking in your ear as you talk. That is what happens during a real broadcast with director and in case of WWE a producer named Vince McMahon in your ear. That is a jarring experience the first time you do a real broadcast to both listen and talk at the same time is a unique skill. Add in the fact that it is Vince, which I have never experienced, I would think that only amps up the pressure.

William Regal has both an entertaining way about him, but a brilliant way of mixing that and telling the story of a match. He can have you laughing one moment about how he talked with Tyler Breeze and comes up with some ridiculous things his fur or feather jacked is made from. In the next moment he can get across the gravity of the match Breeze is about to compete in for a chance to be NXT Champion. He describes things in the ring and really sells the import aspects of a hold or point in a match. He does something that J.R was oh so skilful at and still is. He makes you get emotionally invested in the product and people you are watching.

Where wrestling separates from traditional sports is that it is a wrestling announcer’s job to get over the talent. While there is some of that in pro sports especially in hometown broadcasts, at the end of the day we expecting objectivity. While in wrestling we have no real expectation of that and in fact sometimes it is great if it is totally irrational thinking. You can play favorites, as wrestling announcer especially in a heel role on commentary. Jessie Ventura and Bobby “The Brain” would lay the verbal smack down on the babyface wrestlers. Jessie use to go to town on Tito Santana to the point I wonder if Jessie was owed money by him.

William Regal really has grown as commentator and is truly reaching the peak of his skills at it. When Bray Wyatt took out JBL I hoped for a brief second that Regal would come out and replace him. No such luck in terms of this happening.

I love him on NXT and he does a wonderful job getting the new talent over, but he is needed far more on the main roster. Where some of the people he has put over so well in NXT, are having a difficult time adjusting to things on the big stage. A big part of the reason for these failures of recent arrivals from NXT happening falls at the feet of Cole, Lawler and Bradshaw. They have failed in their role to get these new talents over. It takes the talent and writers as well, but commentary is a big part of that.

William Regal we need you on Raw or Smackdown to help bring your brilliance to a larger audience. You would be shocked how much better an average match can become with great commentary. It is not all that different from how a great crowd can make a show seem better and bad crowd can make a decent show seem terrible.

So save us William Regal, you maybe our only hope to save commentary from the evil trio of liars that Bray Wyatt has pointed out.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

CM Punk: Best In The World Of Retirement?

The Best in the World is now officially claiming to be retired. This comes from his own mouth to a reporter which I learned of through my friends at Between the Ropes.

So is it all over and Punk marries A.J Lee and rides off into retirement watching MMA, Blackhawks and Cubs for the rest of his days? I find that hard to believe personally that we have seen the last of CM Punk. He did say and I remember it clearly at one of the many comic-con appearances he has done over the years that he would be gone a lot sooner than people think.

Still for someone like Punk who definitely has an ego I can’t see this being his last moment in wrestling just being part of a Royal Rumble that he ultimately didn’t win. Wrestling retirements are often more attempts at getting another big pay day at some point down the line or part of a storyline. This is obviously not a storyline of any kind so one can assume the first to be most likely.

Contract wise Punk is set to have his deal end in July right around the time of Money in the Bank. After that he would be at least in his mind free and clear from any obligation to the WWE. That might not be true if the WWE were to challenge him on it. What the big point in a battle over if he truly lived up to his contract would be his health status. If he could successfully prove he was unable to perform than in all likelihood the WWE would have a hard time holding him back legally.

What seems likely is this is a play by Punk to have some leverage in striking a new deal with WWE. Punk often made comments of being jealous of returning former superstars having these great short term deals and only having to work limited amounts of dates. The best of those deals is currently held by one Brock Lesnar. If Punk could get a deal like that and figure out a way to get some money based on WWE Network instead of PPV which the WWE is phasing out that would be something appealing to him.

A.J Lee has also been away from the company as the real life couple plan to get married some time within the next month. Her status is a bit of a mystery too. Some making claims that she is an expecting mother as well as a soon to be bride.

I highly doubt we have seen the last of Punk in a wrestling ring. It is not that I am being a fan and thinking only of myself. If Punk truly has called it a day than I am truly happy for him. I just have a hard time buying that a guy who has been so driven to be considered the best ever in professional wrestling is content with the ending his wrestling story at this point. I am not saying Punk wants a parade or some ceremony to honor his career. He isn’t that type of guy. He is more the type of guy that wants to go out on a high wrestling a match that shows his true greatness and makes you understand that if he wanted to he could keep going.

If it truly was or is injuries that have caused this I have a hard time believing that someone wouldn’t have made that knowledge public by now.

He has returned to twitter so we do have that. Back only to tweet about his beloved Blackhawks and make a bet with a mascot lion for the Kings but it is something. He is starting to be a little more public and not hiding in the shadows so to speak.

If his career was and is over he has had one of the best careers and most meteoric rises in professional wrestling history. His exit from WWE may not leave him to be celebrated like many past superstars have been and are currently. Still it is hard to erase a man that held your title for 434 days as the longest reign in modern history.

Whatever the future hold I hope it provides the happiness and respect that Punk has earned from his time in the wrestling business. I hesitate to say my good-byes to his wrestling career because I am not convinced it is over.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bray Has Come To Save Us All Or Just Get Himself Over?

Who does Bray Wyatt represent when he is speaking? He is speaking a lot more truth than lies in the minds of many pro wrestling fans. He asked was he snake venom or the cure? Even in actions designed to make him look like a bad guy it is actually righting a wrong. He chooses to target Jerry Lawler as he was the man that for years had spread the lies about John Cena. Well that is kind of true he has been that guy. What he also has been is not that great at his job for a decade. JBL trying to defend him draws little sympathy either as he too has become nothing more than a shadow of his former self on commentary.

If the People's Champion goes after John Cena in The Rock maybe there is a new man to carry that claim. Bray Wyatt and the Rock have nothing in common other than they both come from wrestling families. In a very different way is what Bray Wyatt doing not the will of the people? For at least the majority of them that see John Cena as a played out plastic corporate puppet.

Actually another similarity to The Rock is the ability to talk. Sometimes Rocky would not make a ton of sense with his off beat humor and it really got to the point “IT DIDN’T MATTER WHAT HE SAID,” because we all had bought in. Bray has a much more serious message and when he laughs it really isn’t from a joke. It is a more evil and sinister laugh.

But the people love him and they have embraced him. The Rock originally was a good guy but the people didn’t like him so he was turned into a member of the Nation on Domination. It soon became The Rock that overshadowed all in the group. Bray has always been the leader of his group and treated as such.

In the end is Bray Wyatt not just the New People’s Champion but is he the Voice of the voiceless too? He says a lot of the stuff that we all are thinking. Where and how does this long drawn out feud with John Cena end or does it even end or does it just get put on hold.

While most pine for a return to the attitude era Bray Wyatt goes back further than that to Jake Roberts. It is crystal clear that Wyatt has studied so Jake “The Snake” Roberts material. Roberts always made comparisons to life that was often sick, twisted and very dark. Keep in mind all of this in the supposed PG Friendly Era of Wrestling. By the time that Attitude Era was coming Jake had been in and out of rehab and the WWF and found God. That finding of God led to the most famous phrase uttered in wrestling

“Talk about your psalms took about John 3:16, Austin 3:16 say I just whipped your ass”

That was the launch on millions and millions of T-Shirts being sold. Bray Wyatt is at his core different from everyone else and creates moments that are magical. When he comes on the screen you look up, you stop tweeting and you turn up the volume and listen.

For whatever people want to say about John Cena his message has become stale and outdated and people have stopped paying attention. People roll their eyes at Cena promos more than relate to him. Stop and think about it when is the last time you turned up a John Cena Promo. For most I would venture to say it has been awhile. Last time I did was when he reprized his old persona and rapped about The Rock.

I guess what is frustrating is nothing about Cena seems real. In his old heel days he talked like a white rapper kid from Boston. Now as the corporate face he has no accident and sounds like he belongs in a race for mayor not to be the WWE Champion. He dates a girl that seems so much like a Barbie doll come to life it isn’t funny. John Cena is the perfect Ken doll to her Barbie.

Using an Eminem song for Bray Wyatt was interesting. Not that Bray will be making a Rap album like John Cena has. He likes the old gospel tunes it would appear. Still Bray is kind of twisted and sick in the same way that Eminem can view the world through his rap lyrics.

Bray Wyatt presents a real world that does not have fair tales and super heroes. In a world that is not always just judging the book by its cover. The thing about this whole thing is where does the truth in what he says stop and is anything really a lie in what he says? Well he probably isn’t a God but we once had a Wrestling God that was taken out for a few matches.

Bray Wyatt speaks and we all listen and relate to his words. He is likely the best promo in the WWE right now and I would put him up against anyone on the roster. That is how much he is knocking it out of the park. This feud with Cena has dragged and the performances of John have been hit and miss. At the end of the day this has been all about Bray.

The mission of making a huge star however rocky and twisted that road has become it has happened. Bray Wyatt is now on a different level from everybody else. In those writers meeting that question is asked what are we doing with Bray? A true sign you have made it.

Follow the buzzards to the bank because Bray Wyatt has made himself a star for the next decade or more assuming he is able to stay healthy.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

So Long Kevin Steen's Weekend Escapades...Hello Kevin Wyatt?

During our podcast I do believe we stumbled upon perhaps the perfect way for Kevin Steen to enter WWE. At some point would he make a great fourth member of the Wyatt family? There is some irony in the idea as Steen likely never gets a look from WWE if not for the success of Bray Wyatt. Does KILL WYATT KILL make sense? It kind of does! Kevin Wyatt doesn’t sound horrible does it? Even, Kevin Harper brother of Luke Harper might be nice fit.

Steen seems to be someone that could fit into that gimmick somewhat easily. maybe a Panda Mask? It all kind of makes sense the more I think about it. Kevin Steen and his love of animals could come in handy. Sure this all pretty damn early to speculate on as Steen will be heading to developmental not the main roster.

Chris Hero ended up spending years in developmental and never getting to the main roster. Sami Zyan once upon a time El Generico a tag partner and than rival of Steen in his run in ROH. The two are legitimate friends that came up together coming out of Quebec. He is currently in NXT and has been there for close to a year I think.

In any case another sign that Steen is wrapping up things on the independent scene he did a final episode of his web show “Kevin Steen’s Weekend Escapades.” Steen did not mention the WWE as the reason for ending the show. He stated having less time and the birth of his new daughter as the reason.

Steen was in action for Pro Wrestling Gorilla and it could be his last appearance there if rumours are true. He is part of Mount Rushmore in PWG with the Young Bucks and Adam Cole. Steen was in action with the Bucks last night and got the win. He addressed that crowd and said he wanted to address the rumours. He said they are true he will be going to the I-Hop after the show and none of the fans were invited.

Steen is an emotional guy and it seems he wants to avoid all these different send offs. I think the one and only Kevin Steen going away party will take place at ROH Best in the World on June 22nd, 2014. That seems a fitting place for a guy that has given his blood sweat and tears to build ROH back up to the point they are at and taking it to a historic place it has never been.

I just want to thank Kevin for being the guy that not only opened my eyes to wrestling outside of the WWE but investing my time and money to go out and support it. Kevin Steen is a tremendous representative of independent wrestling.

Weekend Escapades made me both appreciate the grind that independent wrestlers go through and see what fun it is to be at an independent show. Kevin Steen gave me that eye opening experience and not just a love of him but a love for all the guys he was sharing rings with across North America.

Thank You Kevin and good luck as member of the Wyatt’s or whatever they come up with for you in WWE. I know you’ll make it work and do a good job for yourself, your family and all of your fans!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Condo On Moon Podcast Ep 12- Madness and Rockets

This week might be the calm before the storm as fingers crossed we have a couple guests coming up from Ring Of Honor Wrestling That to look forward to we look back on a week that had some sad remembrances with Randy Savage passing away 3 years ago earlier in the week and today marks 15 years since the tragic death of Owen Hart. I wrote on both for Between the Ropes today on Owen and earlier in the week on Randy.  I hope I did both many justice by my words. But it is not all doom and gloom as we have fun talking about Chris Walder's ability or lack of ability to know how to talk to divas and women in general. We get into a conversation about ROH and the new the Kevin Steen is on his way to NXT and WWE Developmental.

So next week fingers crossed will have a great guest for you and announcement for another big guest the following week. If you new and you like what you hear please help us spread the word and if you don't already follow us @Condoonthemoon

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Who is the Bunny?

Forget who framed Roger Rabbit? Actually who did frame him? Never mind more importantly the internet is all a buzz, amused, slightly interested on who is the Bunny with Adam Rose. What sparked this was Dolph Ziggler making claims on Twitter that Zack Ryder was in fact the Bunny. A photo of him with the bunny as well. Oh and the bunny has his own Twitter Account not endorsed by WWE or verfied by Twitter but who cares @WWE_Bunny is awesome give him a follow.

So who is this guy and could we possibly turn this into an angle. It would make sense that someone pretending to be one of Adam Rose's "rosebuds" would attack him and likely suspect is the Bunny. He does have an evil face if you get a close look at him

So are we ready to roll with this list of suspects?

# 5 Maria Kanellis: She was a playboy bunny and also dressed up like a bunny. She has a contract with ROH so couldn't show her face on WWE T.V. It all makes perfect sense. Not really at all we just wanted an excuse to show you this picture of Maria as a Bunny as a cheap stunt to get a couple more hits. So here you go!

#4 Kurt Hawkins: Why not he kinda looks like Zack or he use to when they tagged it would make for the honest mistake of people thinking it was Ryder right? Will consider him a suspect at this point.

#3 Joey Mercury: As most know Joey works behind the scenes in WWE as a booking agent/producer for matches. I can't remember where I heard this and it could be all in my head, but I remember hearing he was a hell of a break dancer. Also someone on Twitter pointed out they believe that the person in bunny outfit is bald. Another check in the column for the former member of Straight Edge Society.

 #2 Zack Ryder: He denies it, but as Dolph Ziggler tweeted that is just what the guy who is the bunny would say. If it is him I guess I am happy for him? If this is an angle I suggested came to pass, a Ryder heeling on Rose could work and get over maybe. They have done far worse with both.

#1 Dolph Ziggler: Wait a second he had that picture with the bunny. Can't be him. Photoshopped and this is all a cleaver plot by Ziggler to point the finger elsewhere that HE in fact is the WWE BUNNY!

You want to know the most sad thing of all? I think the Bunny is more over than Rose himself. I think this would make for a good mid-card comedy angle if they really tried to have a who is the bunny angle. Perfect kind of light silly comedy that would work for most ages from young to old. Heck if the Simpson can get a cliffhanger out of who shot Mr. Burns and South Park one on who is Eric Cartman's father....why not this.

I am not a Lemon or a Rosebud....I am a bunny loving fool! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Macho Madness Will Live Forever

I admit I had no idea today was the day we lost Randy Savage. Maybe I just have blocked it out of my mind as it was like a part of my childhood dying. The fact it was three years ago is almost shocking to me but just proof I am getting older faster.

Randy Savage was what I defined as cool as a kid. He had these flashy outfits and the lovely girl at his side Miss Elizabeth. I was hooked and this guy was the main reason I watched wrestling. He was always different from everyone else. He could cut a promo off the top of his head and they came off as brilliant, strange and ultimately creative.

He was also different in the ring. In a current world of high spots all over the place it is hard to understand how innovative he truly was in the Mid-80’s. His top rope elbow was a thing of beauty and nothing like the tribute to move C.M Punk would do for years. The truth is part of why I love Punk is how he brought Randy Savage back to life for a generation of fans that likely never saw him wrestle.

As a small child I dressed up as Savage and went out for Halloween doing my Savage impression that I still pull out at the start of almost every podcast I do as my tribute to him. I was devastated when he lost to Ricky Steamboat at Wrestlemania III. I had no clue or care that I had watched perhaps the best wrestling match of all time. It didn’t matter to me just the fact that Savage had lost was devastating.

A year later I would get the exact opposite feeling as Savage would win the WWF title in a tournament and he would wrestle 4 times. He came out in a different outfit every time to the ring. I was far too nervous to realize by the time Savage faced Greg “The Hammer” Valentine it was fairly obvious he was going to win. I was clueless to the behind the scenes drama that the only reason Savage was in this spot is because The Honky Tonk Man allegedly refused to drop the I-C title to him. Wrestling was much simpler and I didn’t care about all the politics of it and was not worried about how good or bad a match was. I was just totally entertained and fascinated with this man Randy Savage. I was NEVER a Hulk-a-Maniac I was always a Savage fan.

Savage’s logic about Hogan being jealous and trying to steal Elizabeth seemed all very rational thinking to me. The real life events actually aren’t totally off base. Savage did see Hogan as trying to steal his spotlight as he would with everyone. Remind you of anyone in modern times? John Cena always becomes buddies with the hottest guys at the time he learned that from the Hulkster Brother! Savage also blamed Hogan for his marriage falling apart to some degree.

The relationship between Savage and Hogan was always a tense one. You hear stories now of how over protective Savage was of Elizabeth back in the day. You hear other stories as to the reasons he might not be in the WWE Hall of Fame that have little to do with wrestling and what he did in the business. You also have the story of his brother Lanny about Savage’s wishes about his entire family being inducted to the HOF. I have a hard time buying that story.

What is true is the WWE Hall of Fame will always be incomplete without Randy Savage and my life and all the lives of his fans are a little more empty without him with us. Still maybe the empty spot just becomes filled with all of the memories of Randy Savage that will flood our hearts and minds.

Randy Savage was my hero as a child and I will always love a man that I never got to meet but always felt I knew.

3 years ago today wrestling lost what is an over used word in wrestling but a TRUE ICON in Randy Poffo. From how he changed the business to how he inspired many of the people in it today to making millions and millions of fans love him and the sport of professional wrestling.

I will NEVER forget him for my entire life. He will always hold a special place in my heart and every time I talk, think, watch or am a part of wrestling in any way it is all because of him.

So thank you Randy Savage you are missed and loved by millions of people whose lives you touched, with mine being one of those millions.

Bonus: Here is the piece on the same topic I wrote for Between The Ropes feel free to read it as well. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Kevin Steen is WWE Bound?

I hate rumours, I don’t like to talk about them at all. I have come to realize in covering wrestling I have to get over that feeling. Especially when it is good news for someone I genuinely like and have rooted for a long time. Pro wrestling net and where I now write Between the Ropes and like many other places are reporting Kevin Steen could be signing a contract to join WWE Developmental.

This would make sense based on a number of circumstantial things I have seen. I’ll stick with the public stuff that is on the record. First you had the very odd and unusually short prom cut by Kevin after Global Wars. Normally Steen after winning or losing has lots to say especially in front of a Canadian Crowd. On this night he said all I can say to all of you it Thank You.

Now fast forward to this past weekend it was a reflective Steen in New York City that talked bout his ups and downs in his time with Ring of Honor. How he had grown to love it and things his time there is drawing to a close. He was interrupted  by Silas Young and it sets up for an angle between Young and Steen for the PPV Best in the World which will be ROH’s first time on traditional PPV and by all accounts likely Steen’s last match in Ring of Honor wrestling.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am for Kevin Steen. I remember watching a weekend escapade where he stopped in front of the WWE Headquarters and was just standing there. I legitimately got emotional about it. I though in my head that WWE would never take a chance on a guy like Kevin Steen. Simply because he wasn’t a certain body type or fit some stereo type of what a wrestler is suppose to look like.

It looks like his hard work to get himself in better shape as paid off and he could be bound for WWE Developmental. Just recently having his second child this is becoming quite the year both personally and professionally for Kevin.

I am so glad that I finally got off my butt to go see him in Toronto and here in Hamilton. It appears I would not have had another chance to do so if I had not. Least not outside of the WWE environment so I will cherish what was already a cool weekend even more now. 

Still I just want to see Kevin Steen or whatever he becomes in WWE in a ring with those letters NXT before I will truly believe this has happened. I am so thrilled for this man it is beyond words.

Here is that episode of Kevin Steen's Weekend Escapades that I reference (he is actually just recording the building at 16:10 mark) back from December of 2013:

So I look forward to watching Steen Kevinson or whatever he will be called in WWE. It appears that day is fast approaching. It could not happen to a nicer man.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Guess Who Made A Return To Twitter @CMPunk

So last we heard from CM Punk on Social Media it was January 26th. He thanked everybody and told us all to keep being us. It has been 112 days what could have caused him to return to Twitter? Maybe to follow up on his wedding bombshell during the Cubs game yesterday? Nope just to make a silly bet about Hockey

Not the first time Punk has bet on Hockey with this high stakes wager between Punk and Cena a couple years back when Bruins faced the Blackhawks I believe:

Punk seems much more into being a Chicago Sports fan these days than the WWE Champion and if that makes him happy he has earned that right. I just hope he will now be back on Twitter. He doesn't have to talk about wrestling I just like having his sense of humour around on my timeline. So welcome back to Twitter Punk.

Ronda Rousey In WWE Might Be Closer To Reality Thanks Indirectly To ROH?

Has UFC Fighter Tom Lawlor opened the door to Ronda Rousey and the 4 horsewomen riding into WWE? Lawlor was in the corner of Ring Of Honor Tag-Team Red Dragon who regained their ROH Titles defeating the defending champions Nick and Matt Jackson the Young Bucks.

Lawlor was said to be already attending the event as fan. He like Rousey and the horsewomen loves his wrestling. You can argue he is an even bigger fan of it but I don’t wish to get arm-barred by anyone. Already having bought a ticket Lawlor was asked if he wanted to be part of the show and corner Red Dragon. He agreed after getting the blessing and approval from the UFC.

I’ll be honest with you I have no idea if Dana White knows what Ring of Honor is or was at the time the UFC was approached. The point is now the door swings wide open for Ronda to make an appearance on a larger scale in the WWE perhaps. Safe to say that Ronda or her management can now point to this appearance by Lawlor as justification for being allowed to do it. The event was on I-PPV as well so if Dana or the UFC was going to use that as an excuse still some room to say they already let it happen.

All due respect to Tom Lawlor but in terms of mass appeal Ronda Rousey is on a different planet in terms of fame. WWE took a butt kicking on Wall Street last week. Ronda is set to make her next title defence at UFC 175 against Alexis Davis July 5th, 2014 . Summerslam is scheduled to take place in Ronda’s backyard in L.A on August 17th,2014.

So it fits as far as Ronda’s fight schedule goes. Not sure how it works with the other 3 ladies that make up her horsewomen but you have to wonder if this marriage could take place. Rousey now as some leverage to say she is entitled to work with WWE as long as it would be in some capacity where she would not be competing in the ring. A show that likely would see the first appearance from Brock Lesnar since breaking the Undertaker’s streak at Wrestlemania as well. Just another reason a Rousey appearance might make some sense to draw over the UFC crowd in bigger numbers to see Summerslam.

It seems all to good to be true but a basis for how it can happen may have been established this weekend. There has been a lot of faction based storylines in the WWE of late perhaps the biggest real life faction coming in for an appearance might make some sense for all parties involved.

Let the speculation begin. If not for Summerslam, Wrestlemania 31 will also be in California up the coast in the Bay Area.

CM Punk Getting Married Next Month

Another reason to pour cold water on any kind of CM Punk return and in fact maybe an A.J Lee return as well came during the Cubs vs Brewers Game. Punk confirmed his marriage to Lee and mentioned they were getting married next month. Also made reference to how big the engagement ring is.

Wrestling fans maybe missing Punk but he certainly seems to be very happy and having the time of his life being away from the grind of pro wrestling.I for one and am happy for the guy.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Condo on Moon Podcast- Stock Watch Edition

This has been a busy week in Wrestling and for me personally. WWE Stock took a nose dive on news they did not cash in big time on their T.V as the WWE is staying put with NBC Universal. We talk about what the WWE might do about the WWE World Championship with Daniel Bryan on mend from neck surgery. In addition we talk about my wrestling weekend that I wrote about if you missed it. I had a great time at Global Wars and we look ahead to ROH War of the Worlds. In addition rumours about a tag-team that may be coming for ROH's debut on PPV at Best In The World on June 22nd. I also mention how I am now a columnist for Between The Ropes and writing for them as well as here.Recount my encounters with several wrestlers I met on the weekend from ROH.

I mentioned the local promotion Alpha-1-Wrestling here in Hamilton. I actually got the date wrong it is July 6th and here is there Power Rangers Promo for that event that is pretty funny check it out.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

WWE Has Business Distractions Behind Them No More Excuses

It has kind of felt for the last 4-6 months that the WWE has not been completely focused on the product in the ring. Things like launching the WWE Network and looking to secure a new T.V deal seemed and rightfully so like the big priorities. The Network is launched the number was not one that people are all that thrilled with but it wasn’t a complete disaster. The T.V Deal was rumoured to be done in Variety this morning. Later in the day it was confirmed that all the WWE Programming is staying in place. No news on what the agreed figure ended up being. Wall Street experts believe the WWE has come through on their claim of doubling rights fees or T.V rights in the U.S. Will find out in the coming days if that is the case but WWE will remain part of NBC Universal with no changes at all. Smackdown is not going live and remains on Fridays according to reports. Raw will remain on USA Network and Total Divas on the E Network.

So with all of this business stuff out of the way can we please get focused back in on the product? This has been a product that has been dropping the ratings like a stone of late. Daniel Bryan made it through neck surgery today and there have been a variety of reports speculation on return date. Some as optimistic as late June and others saying it could be as long as August. I will leave the being a doctor to the actual doctors.

The first major creative decision that lies in front of WWE is do they keep the title on Bryan? In many ways by the number of times in storyline they have screwed him of the belt you almost feel that they have to leave the belt on him. We are a long way from the days of Jack Tunney and the 30 days to defend your championship. If that rule was still on the books Dean Ambrose would have lost the U.S Belt long before the battle royal a week and half ago.

I doubt the WWE would go the UFC route and declare an interim Champion till Bryan is healthy. If they did it might make for a hell of a match when he returns. Long as it isn’t Kane I say why not give us one. It is a way you could do a re-match with John Cena or Bray Wyatt. Why not raise the stakes in that feud that is getting a little cold and make the Last Man Standing Match for the Interim WWE World Championship. This could also serve another purpose as well. When Bryan comes back we could finally get things down to having just one belt instead of the two?

In any case interim Champ or not I can’t imagine WWE would strip Bryan of the title given all the real life issues he has had hit him all at once.

Now that the big business matters are taken care of the focus needs to be placed on rehabilitating this creative that has been more misses than hits in the last 4-6 months. Thank God for Daniel Bryan, The Shield and the Wyatt’s or who knows where things would be at.

Mission number one should be trying to fix all of the NXT talent that you have broken here on the main roster. That should start with you Divas Champion who has been made to look so weak and pathetic it turns my stomach. After her there is a long list of people to correct. Also for the love of God don’t blow Bo Dallas’ and his debut. I think this character could really catch on. It has a whole Justin Bieber before he went bad quality too it.

Full steam ahead WWE you legitimate excuses and business concerns have been handled. It is time to get this company turned around with some better creative and more compelling stuff as we head to the summertime.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Still A BOliever in NXT System Producing Talent?

Is it time to re-evaluate how NXT is doing at producing talent on the next level? No one will question the earlier returns from the NXT system have been fantastic. The Shield and Wyatt’s are big players on the main roster. Daniel Bryan being on mend will mean either the Shield or Wyatt’s will be in the main event of this PPV.

Looking closer at more recent NXT call-ups you see nothing but trouble. Xavier Woods was paired with R-Truth his former tag partner once upon a time in TNA. He was given the music of Brodus Clay and been on a free fall to jobberville ever since. Can’t always hit a homer no worries the sassy little Aussie Emma will make people smile. Not exactly as she started as a fan in the crowd with signs and would be plucked from that by Santino. Her dance the 400 strong at NXT do each time she comes out does nothing for the WWE Universe. A teased romance with Santino and pink cobra later this poor girl is not over as much as the red head that can’t wrestle on Total Divas.

Time to call on the big guns as Paige has been long anticipated to make her way to the main roster. The strong Anti-Diva of NXT has become the weak lucky girl that some how got a fluke win on A.J Lee. Where is she? She is gone to watch the Blackhawks with CM Punk back in Chicago. Not doing much for Paige. Even little used Alicia Fox rubs Paige’s face in the mud verbally and physically despite not winning.

What now well let’s have a party with a man dressed in a bunny suit rumoured to be Zack Ryder and a bunch of other freaks from the back not working matches dressed in crazy costumes. All part of Adam Rose’s Exotic Express that has had two times to make us all rosebuds but instead Rose has been a dud. Sorry to be a lemon but this whole act is not ready for prime time.

What has gone wrong? Bolieve it or not NXT is on a heck of losing streak at debuts. That is right Bo Dallas you better “REALLY BOLIEVE,” because things are not going well up here at the big boys table. How long before Bo Dallas is the lead singer of 3MB singing don’t stop Bolieving?

You wonder how gimmicks like Tyler Breeze and Bailey will do in the big time on the main roster. It seems just because it works at NXT is no indication that it will get over on the main roster.

Sami Zayn and Charlotte Flair might be the two best chances left in NXT at the moment. This is at least in the immediate future.

Well someone from NXT has gotten over on main roster lately actually…..Lana. To bad the one they are trying to get over is, Alexander no more, just call me Rusev. Once the Bulgarian Brute now an illegal immigrant to Russia. Well maybe he is marrying Lana. They two actually do date and believe it or not that is a shoot. The most jumbled and confusing debut I can recall in the WWE in a long time.

Triple H’s baby of NXT is not having a great success rate in the last few months. No doubt he can’t be thrilled about that and it should have an impact on how fast they are to look at any other new stars. You can take that as bad or good news for current members of the NXT roster depending on how you look at it.

It maybe time to re-access how they are debuting these talents cause the care that was taken with The Shield and the Wyatt’s has not been afforded to these recent NXT call-ups.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

WWE World Championship What Do You Do In The Wake Of Daniel Bryan Injury?

What in the world will the WWE do about the WWE World Championship? They have fought kicking and screaming but finally put Daniel Bryan over  with the title at Wrestlemania. As luck would have it we have Daniel Bryan going under the knife for neck surgery. The results of that will likely determine if there is need to be a new WWE World Champion?  In storyline Bryan has had the belt taken from him so many times and now he may have to legitimately forfeit  the title?

In the UFC they try to avoid this practice of stripping an injured champion of a belt. They will create an interim championship for the time the actual champion is healing. This has never been something that has been done in the WWE and to the best of my knowledge in the pro wrestling business on any grand stage.

Normally the idea I would never even dream of the WWE doing such a thing. But the fact in storyline they have killed Bryan so many times could they honestly do it again in a real circumstance and not totally crush his momentum?

Does the whole thought process change with whatever happens with this neck procedure. Even if this is a fairly standard thing does it make people wonder about the longevity of him as a performer. There is a long history of WWE stars that have had to call it quits due to neck issues. Big names like Steve Austin and Edge are just two that come to mind.

The other question becomes who exactly would become the new WWE World Champion. It is a tough time for the WWE with established stars that are not exactly over with fans. They have a lot of rising talents that are over but really not exactly ready for the top spot at the moment.

Sure Roman Reigns, Cesaro and Bray Wyatt all one day I could picture as WWE Champion but not today. Maybe I am wrong and there is a way you can make it make sense. Adam Cole when the tournament to replace an injured Jay Briscoe as champion might not have been my first choice. He became a heel during that tournament and had it climax at the point that he became the champion.

I think I have stumbled onto an idea perhaps. Who is to say that you could not book the reverse to happen for Cesaro. The seeds of a baby face turn have already been planted. Why not pour some water on them.

So let’s just explain this a little. Cesaro is competing in this tournament and in each match along the way Paul Heyman seems to have done something to sabotage Cesaro in every match. Right before the finals of the tournament it is announced that the winner will defend the title against Brock Lesnar. Cesaro in backstage hears this announcement and walk away from Paul Heyman. He enters the ring alone and fights whoever they other finalist is. Heyman comes out during the match trying to support Cesaro but in the final spot he tries to nail Cesaro with the belt after the ref had been taken out. Cesaro ducks and Heyman connects with the other man. Cesaro pulls Heyman in the ring and gives him the giant swing. Heyman takes the bump and the opponent and ref start to come back around. Cesaro hit’s the Neutralizer and that is that 1-2-3 your new baby face WWE World Champion Cesaro.

If and when Daniel Bryan is ready to come back you can have him challenge Cesaro or have Brock win the title and have Bryan face him to regain or unify the titles. Looks good on paper anyway.

The best case scenario is Daniel Bryan is ok and able to continue his title reign. If he isn’t a whole lot could change. Time will tell.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Why CM Punk Is Not Walking Though That Door Till After July

 There is a lot of interesting stuff going on in WWE and not a lot of it has do with what is going on in the ring of late. More than a few people on the talent side of this company are not all that happy with the money that is coming their way. They have a right to be upset but technically the WWE isn’t doing anything wrong. So for those still holding out hope for C.M Punk to return prior to his contract coming due in July it isn’t happening and here is why. In my view, it is not that his body is too beat up to compete. This is a man that once made a return from a fractured skull ahead of time required to heal. It is not about being constantly harassed by fans which if that were a problem he would have been gone long before he was. I think without knowing anything personally, this is about Punk getting his fair share and in the end money. I am not saying Punk is greedy, I actually think he is taking a stand and setting the agenda or precedent for all contracts in the WWE for talent in the post WWE Network era. More about the morals of the whole thing and taking a stand.

To understand what is going on do you remember the Hollywood writers strike that got rid of all your favourite shows?  It was a dispute largely based on the right to compensation for writers that had their work used for digital content. The writers in their contracts did not have any rights to profit from it and hence were paid nothing extra based on that. They felt this was wrong and had a strike and walked out. Writers are part of a union and wrestlers are not. Jessie Ventura a large part of his issues with Hulk Hogan is based on Hogan killing an attempt at union Ventura was trying to create back in the 1980’s. Still in 2014 many feel a union will never be part of professional wrestling industry.

So the WWE Network unlike traditional PPV is digital content and as such wrestler’s payoffs for PPV’s have been drastically reduced. It is only common sense with two major cable providers dropping their PPV’s in the U.S. There has been other talk about video game payoffs being reduced as well but that might have been not of the WWE’s doing. THQ the makers of their video game series up until WWE 13 went bankrupt. It is safe to assume in the hurry to make sure the WWE video game came out on a time a rather quick deal was cut to ensure a game would be made. The WWE likely didn’t do so well on that deal based on being up against the clock. No, this is primarily a war over digital content and the future of how the company will be handled.

Punk had stated in his interview with Ariel Helwani that the WWE had not yet met with talent to explain how the WWE Network would affect their pay. This was the weekend prior to Punk leaving back in January of this year. It has been reported by several respected wrestling journalists and publications that to the best of their knowledge that meeting for talent has still not taken place in the middle of May.

The recent issues with Batista recently being reported likely have more to do with money promised than the promise of a run with WWE World Championship. Everybody really does have a price and that is a shoot as far as wrestling goes. WWE has not been meeting his to levels they had promised.

So that is why Punk likely is not back until later that his contract set to expire in July. If it was a shoot that he signed his contract the night of defeating John Cena at Money in the Bank that would make it July 17th 2014. Many say it simply goes to end of June. In any case for any Ring of Honor fans expecting CM Punk to show up in Nashville, Tennessee it is not going happen just based on the fact the contract will not be done with WWE. Also from all the reports that I have heard Punk is still being paid and their may be an understanding between the two that if he remains quiet that will continue.

I mean think about if Punk was retired why would someone known for being so outspoken have not taken to any forum open to him and speak is mind.

So in the end, C.M Punk maybe doing everyone in WWE a favour by sitting at home waiting for his contract to end, time will tell.  He may be just a greedy, smart and at the end of the day shrewd business man. At the end of the day a guy who in wrestling likes to have power could make himself the most powerful free agent in wrestling if he irons out a new contract that deals with the digital content and compensation issues. While Punk will likely not share that info with the public, I am sure he would to people he consider friends in the company.

At that point when the cat is out of the bag the WWE may have to look at re-working all the talents contracts.  This is something the WWE is trying very hard to avoid at all costs. It should be made clear that Vince McMahon is the biggest advocate to get Punk back. So it all makes for an interesting plot to sort out for the WWE. They still have yet to have a confirmation on where their T.V deal is at as well. While the product in the ring has been rocky with highs and lows since Wrestlemania the business side of things has become even crazier.

CM Punk may be the guy that sets the rules for the new world of WWE Contracts. If Batista doesn’t comeback after his break to promote his movie and Punk is not talking with them in July after his contract expires it might be reason to raise eyebrows assuming no one else causes a fuss prior to that. Funny how John Cena the face of the company is not all that concerned about things least not that anyone has said.  I guess when you are on that level they pay you enough to earn your silence.

This will be a year that will drastically impact on the future of the WWE for perhaps a generation to come and very little of it will be happening in a squared circle.

My Fun Wrestling Weekend

So I had a heck of a wrestling weekend at both the Global Wars Show in Toronto and here in Hamilton with Alpha-1-Wrestling. It made me feel more like a wrestling fan again and reminded me why I love this business. I also started a new job with Between the Ropes and did an article for them on Global Wars. I am not sure if what I wrote there or here can do the live event experience justice. I have been in bigger crowds and louder crowds but would be hard pressed to find a more passionate crowd.

The one constant at both shows was meeting Kevin Steen. It confirmed a lot of things I had thought about him already. He is just a nice guy and so appreciative of all of his fans from the smallest to the biggest he is so nice to them all. I had like three separate little conversations with him. Never got around to hey would you like to talk for my pod cast because it seemed wrong some how. But I am sure I can still share them with you on the pod cast this week from my point of view. He is highly entertaining and is it large crowd or small it is fairly obvious he is the biggest personality in the room.

This was my first time going to ROH and my first time going to an independent wrestling show. Both were fun in different ways. When you go to an independent show you quickly realize almost every thing you say can be heard if you yell it loud enough. Rooting against over 1100 fans for the Young Bucks was a losing battle. You also get funny moments being closer to the action. Like during Steen’s match in Hamilton a “Kill Steen Kill” chant broke out not as loud but just as passionate as the night before in Toronto. Kevin pointed to his shirt and said today is “Fight Steen Fight” maybe because it was Mother’s Day or just a more family oriented show I don’t know.  But proving just how over he is with people the chant instantly changed to “Fight Steen Fight.”

I had at that show in Hamilton from an invitation to come from Ethan Page who was on with us on the pod cast a few weeks back. This was a really stacked show with a lot of ROH Talent deciding to opt for the quick trip down the QEW to be part of this show. Also the show featured Tommy Dreamer of ECW fame. Aside from Kevin you had Michael Elgin, Jimmy Jacobs and Kyle O’Reilly.

Page lost the promotion’s top championship in a match with a guy that has an Italian soccer player gimmick. Which if you are from Hamilton makes total sense as gimmick in this town as anyone who visits during the World Cup will know. They announced that recently released TNA talent Chris Sabin will be on their next show in July.

So my fun wrestling weekend is over and now it is back to the reality of Raw and WWE that has not exactly been hitting home runs of late. Heck a nice bunt single would be nice. Maybe the warm after glow of a great wrestling weekend will make the show seem better.

My Thanks to Kevin Steen and Adam Cole for giving me a lasting memento of this weekend signing my Border Wars ticket.

 They did not disappoint me by putting on the amazing match I thought they would and knew they could.  Both Steen and Cole got a chuckle of my promotion for their match as Mount Rushmore explodes. As a play off the old Savage vs. Hogan Mega Powers explode. I told you before all things wrestling with me lead back or eventually to Randy Savage.

6 Degrees of Separation in Wrestling to Randy Savage…maybe that is a future feature for the blog? Will see but for now just thankful to have had a great fun wrestling weekend and remember why I love this crazy stuff.

Friday, May 9, 2014

ROH's Time Is Now

It has already been a big year for ROH but where it will be truly defined will start tomorrow in Toronto. The first show of two in co-promotion with New Japan Wrestling which were announced a couple of months ago. It also marks ROH’s return to I-PPV which was not kind to this company in the past. During a surge of interest in the company they had massive issues with I-PPV that caused them all kinds of problems. Wrestling fans and loyal ROH fans alike were pissed at the constant issues they had. It forced ROH to abandon the whole concept until now. They are broadcasting this time around through U-Stream and that is something that has been fairly reliable for their partners from New Japan.

I admit when the announcement of the partnership with New Japan Pro Wrestling I really didn’t understand what that meant. I consider myself a wrestling fan but it has always been based in North America. Since the announcement I have come to learn how important this company is to the hardcore wrestling fans. It is the number one company in Japan and has a load of talent some of the best of which are going to be featured on these cards in Toronto and New York. Both of which are complete sell outs.

ROH has always been fairly smart in terms of booking venues that make sense for their promotion. When you are not smart you get pictures of how empty buildings are like we have seen with TNA over the last year or so.

Consider these I-PPV’s as test runs for the main event which happens on June 22nd, 2014 as Best In The World will debut ROH on traditional PPV right in the backyard of TNA in Nashville, Tennessee. While being on Spike despite the poor ratings TNA does have some form of advantage the perception of the two companies could not be further apart. News breaking that TNA Star Kurt Angle is going to be out 4-6 months with ACL tear is just the latest TNA problem. ROH meanwhile has the most talented roster in North America outside of the WWE. The depth that ROH has in comparison to TNA is obvious which includes former TNA Poster Boy A.J Styles. He will not be part of the PPV in June in all likely hood though as he has a match booked for New Japan Pro Wrestling the day prior. 

While the WWE has tried to declare that PPV business is a dying dinosaur as the driving force for them launching the WWE Network they might be right. It isn’t dead yet though but if you look at UFC drawing only around 300 thousand buys for two of their top draws in Ronda Rousey and Jon Jones in recent PPV events. ROH is filling a wrestling void left by the WWE who have been dropped by a number of big cable providers in the U.S. They also plan to offer the option of watching still on I-PPV as well. This is a potential revenue boost for the company if everything goes according to plan.

Some of that extra revenue is already spent if ROH follows through on its promise to upgrade its look for this PPV event. One of the major knocks on ROH has been their poorly produced T.V. While ROH in the ring can hang with anyone on the planet, they look like a cable access independent wrestling show in some respects. Personally it doesn’t bother me, but for people that are use to watching WWE and TNA the difference is easy to see. It doesn’t take having a background in broadcasting to notice the differences.

Court Bauer has stated that ROH is working hard and making their look better in preparation for the Best In The World PPV. Rome wasn’t built in a day but it seems clear ROH is making a concerted effort to improve on their weaknesses.  They have a roster of talent worth of the effort and being presented in a better way.

If ROH is going to challenge TNA as the second company in North America that battle begins this weekend and will ultimately build to their PPV debut. TNA has still not renewed their T.V deal with Spike TV and if they do not this will be a very short war for who will be number two. We all have craved a competitor for WWE but that is at this point an unrealistic pipe dream. Competition for being the number one alternative to them could still be interesting.

ROH in addition to all of this has been smart in being booked in their own way and instead of being thought of as copying the WWE like TNA. They have been smart to market the fact they have produced a lot of the talent you see today in the WWE. Much like how WWE tries to market its NXT brand that has been the vain of ROH’s marketing. The difference is at least at this point ROH can claim more stars they have had than NXT has produced.

If ROH continues to take this measured approach on growth wrestling fans could finally have an alternative that they can count on. The other thing ROH has attempted to do is keep their price point low. Not as low as the 9.99 a month for the WWE Network but lower than TNA. The ROH product is appealing and different enough from WWE to be worth it for hardcore wrestling fans to check out.

How successful they can ultimately be depends on how many casual fans they can draw. I am not a casual wrestling fan but until recently I would consider myself a casual ROH fan. I am heading down to see my first ever ROH show live. If I am not alone in being that casual observer of ROH that is becoming a fan of their product, that is very good news for the people at ROH.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Condo On The Moon Getting Global and Extreme in Episode 10

I am having a fun wrestling weekend so the podcast is a little early this week. I am off to Global Wars in Toronto Saturday and taking in Alpha-1-Wrestling here in Hamilton. Kevin Steen will be on both of these events and I am looking forward to my first experience seeing ROH live. I have talked a lot about loving what ROH is doing and I am putting my money where my mouth is.

We also talk WWE and look back on Extreme Rules and a forgettable Raw.

So I am off to enjoy my wrestling weekend. I should have some exciting news over the weekend on a totally different front. Follow @CondoontheMoon for all the great stuff I am up to wrestling wise. You can also like us on facebook. Our facebook page is very jealous of our Twitter accounts success so show it some love to please.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

10 People That Might Not Have Much Future Left In WWE

WWE has not made cuts from the main roster in a long time. It’s not like the WWE can’t afford to have the deepest roster of any wrestling company on the planet they can. Still with all the talent in the NXT system you would have to think looking over your shoulder might be wise at this point. Here are ten wrestlers that from the outside looking in might not be long for remaining in the WWE.

I would say JTG should be number one on this list, but at this point I see him as almost a mascot for employment in the WWE.  This list is based completely on observation and has no inside information attached too it.

#10 Great Khali: It is time for him to go for his sake and all of our sakes as well. I have seen him dance and sing enough and don’t ever want to seem him do that or have a match. What is left for him outside of that? Nothing so enjoy retirement big man.

#9 Damien Sandow:
Was the X-Men costume a sign that you can’t go much lower? Sandow has been in the WWE system for a long time and is not getting younger.

#8 Jack Swagger:
We gave him the boot in are game of Push, Repackage and Fire. It the real world his firing seems to be something to really be concerned about happening at this point. He has lost his more over tag-team partner in Cesaro and for the moment has Zeb. I think he could be replaced and the gimmick moves on without him.

#7 Jo Jo
: She got the boot from Total Divas and supposedly is still training at NXT. But honestly in a divas’ division that is full. She failed to get attention on Total Divas and that may be her only shot in the big time.

#6 Brodus Clay: Recently demoted to NXT and had his gimmick stolen by Xavier Woods who has got nothing out of it. Clay meanwhile mixed it up with the NXT Champion. Is he doomed to go the way of Mason Ryan only faster? It seems like a realistic thing to think at this point.

#5 Yoshi Tatsu: I saw him on NXT a few weeks ago and was stunned he was still in the company. WWE really is almost to the point of like the old WCW with no real competition their roster has got to the point that you honestly forget some of the people they employ. Sadly Yohsi has become one of those guys. He never really had any significant run or chance to be anything. He just has lingered around as a very infrequent jobber. He is now doing his jobs on NXT for that roster.  His next job is not going be with WWE.

#4 Evan Bourne:
I feel that Evan Bourne has become an urban legend at this point. He is always rumoured to be returning from injury. I assume he may have been healthy for years at this point. I honestly could walk by Evan Bourne on the street and not remember what he looks like.

#3 Zack Ryder: We all know the story here but let’s put everyone out of their misery and say WOO WOO GOOD BYE!

#2 Alberto Del Rio
: He has had more pushes than a shopping cart on a Saturday at the local grocery store. He has faded into the abyss of the mid-card. He was booked in a match with Daniel Bryan the world champion and he was an after thought to the horror film awful storyline and lost clean and tapped out. He may want out before the WWE pushes him out.

#1 Dolph Ziggler
: WWE and Dolph seem to be playing a game of chicken and I am betting on the people running the show not trying to steal it. Dolph has been told to slow down and shut his mouth. He has failed to either and remains buried at the bottom of the card. The latest blow, being eliminated from the U.S Title Battle Royal by Santino’s Cobra a new record low.  I can’t see Dolph suddenly finding God and doing what he has been asked to do for several years now.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Raw Notebook: May 6th 2014

Extreme Rules and Raw are in the books and we take a look back at some Extreme highs and lows coming out of this Special Event. We got it wrong as Daniel Bryan did in fact close the show on Extreme Rules. It was a pretty fun match that had a bit of an attitude era feel too it. That was the good news the bad news was this feud would continue on to Raw and it was terrible.

In fact not much good to say about Raw but before we get to that we need to touch on the PPV/Special Event.

Predictable comes to mind with this card but that doesn’t naturally always mean bad. The least predictable match produced the best match of this card. The Shield against Evolution was not booked as the main event but it did steal the show.  You had three established stars against 3 hungry lions and it showed in this match. It was a fantastic match that went all over the arena and features some crazy spots from Seth Rollins that we have not seen since Jeff Hardy’s days in WWE.

The feud continued on into Raw. Triple H booked Dean Ambrose into a battle royal for his U.S Title which he would lose and Sheamus would become the new U.S Champion. Triple H would come out after and announce that the Shield would face the Wyatt’s in the main event. Evolution would eventually get involved and cost them the match and go after them after the match complete with Batista delivering the triple power bomb with the help of the rest of Evolution.

Daniel Bryan on Raw was booked in a terrible horror movie angle that was briefly interrupted by a match with Alberto Del Rio. How you can book your World Champion as a coward against a performer that stopped being relevant a long time ago.

If the horror movie wasn’t your thing we had the antics of El Torito and Hornswaggle with Los Matadors and 3MB along for the ride. They had the Wee L C match at the PPV and than a Cinco De Mayo celebrations on Raw. 

In short there is a lot of campy stuff going on that isn’t exactly clicking. Speaking of campy we have a Little Wyatt named Johnny. He came out at the end of the PPV match and with a poltergeist type voice spooked John Cena into losing the match to Bray Wyatt. Many hated this finish it didn’t bother me much. Wyatt minus little Johnny cut a tremendous promo on Raw.

A PPV with thumbs in the middle and Raw with thumbs to the ground makes me roll my eyes.  It was a terrible follow up to an average PPV with really one match that kept it from being bad.

I am excited this week to go see ROH Global Wars in Toronto and independent show in Hamilton it comes at a perfect time where I am not exactly in love with the WWE at the moment.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

5 Things We Need To See Coming Out Of Extreme Rules

So Extreme Rules is almost here and we are going to look ahead to after it is all said and done what we need to have coming out of this event . Every PPV or as they are calling them now special event needs to have some reason to it for us to stay invested as fans. The first major event after Wrestlemania is usually a time to start building some new feuds and ending some old ones. We always have some new stars to get over and make look good. So with all that being said let’s look at 5 things we need to see coming out of this event. After reading this go have a listen to our podcast where we preview this event and talk the news of the week in WWE.

5. A Stronger Paige: We saw Paige from NXT make her long awaited debut on the Raw after Wrestlemania winning the Diva's Championship from A.J Lee. It wasn’t the best debut for Paige to show of her ability in the ring with a bit of a screwed up finish to the match. Adding to the problems we had A.J Lee stepping away for some time off, to move to Chicago we are told, as she has become engaged to CM Punk who remains in limbo with WWE. So instead of an A.J vs. Paige feud that many have looked forward to we get an under promoted Paige vs. Tamina Snuka match. This match not only needs to see Paige win but do it impressively in order to validate her to the larger WWE audience that may not be familiar with her work in NXT. A stronger Paige and returning A.J Lee should make for a great feud.

4. A Strong NEW I-C Champion
: We don’t hate Big E Langston but maybe we are not crazy about Big E. Jokes aside, it has been fairly clear that him retaining the I-C title is not going to be in the cards. We had all thought that new champion was going to be Cesaro and that might have been confirmed with a WWE Script making it’s way to the internet. Suddenly things changed and now Bad News Barrett is the man that sits on the verge of his fourth run with the I-C title. Rumours are that Vince McMahon himself has been the driving force behind the Bad News Barrett character so safe to say he has some support behind him if that is true. Much talk has been made of unification of the U.S and I-C titles. Dean Ambrose in a rare title defence for that U.S Title retained it on Smackdown. Regardless of this happens Barrett is deserving of having a long run with this title and maybe if he does the belt that once meant so much in the WWE can once again. I would feel more confident with Cesaro in this role honestly though.

3. Continuation of Steph vs. Bri: We have not seen Stephanie McMahon in a WWE ring in a match since 2003. This was just prior to her real life wedding to Triple H as she fought he father Vince in a match. The couple you love to hate in storyline have 3 lovely daughters and perhaps the time has come to see Steph get back in a ring. In the PG world of WWE when they script the word bitch into a program you notice. The woman dropping that B-Bomb was Bri who is married to Daniel Bryan of course. This is not the first time we have had a feud for Stephanie teased as she and A.J Lee had some interactions that made you wonder where it was heading. Some may cringe at the idea of this match with Bri and Stephanie taking place, but I say why not. If you’re looking for a mat classic this likely will not be it, but no one would expect it to be. In any case, the feud itself I like and would not mind seeing more fuel added to the fire coming out of Extreme Rules.

2. More Heroics from the Swiss Superman: As we mentioned there is a lot of circumstantial evidence this was not the plan for Cesaro for this show. When you get lemons you can be a rosebud or make lemonade. So, seeing as Cesaro is not likely to become an Adam Rose fan will go with the ladder option. Basically it seems in this 3 way it could go a few ways. It could serve as continuation of the Swagger vs. Cesaro break-up that has involved Paul Heyman and Zeb Colter. It also could lead to a program with RVD a former Heyman Guy and a legendary performer in wrestling. Ideally Cesaro should get the win in this match-up and draw some conclusion to his feud with Swagger. You could easily make that happen with Heyman screwing RVD and Cesaro getting the pin on Swagger. That likely makes the most sense to build Cesaro for what many are speculating could be a future feud with Brock Lesnar. Continuation of a Swagger feud is only holding Cesaro back. However it ends up Cesaro needs to shine in this match and build on the momentum his Battle Royal win and next night manger change has given him.

1. A Dominate Daniel Bryan: We need to see a strong first title defence for the new WWE World Champion. This feud needs to be one and done for Daniel Bryan as a feud with Kane despite the history with the two has not captured anyone’s imagination at this point. This is the Randy Savage on Saturday Night’s Main Event vs. One Man Gang type of title defence. The first for a new champion against a much large opponent to showcase he can beat the big guys. It is nothing more than that and why The Shield vs. Evolution is likely the main event of this show. We have Daniel Bryan entering a match selling an injury yet again which makes the chances of him looking dominate a bit less likely. However he entered the title match at Wrestlemania 30 with the same restrictions but was able to put on a great performance. The days of Daniel Bryan beat downs need to be less and he needs to establish his title reign as a strong champion. If he looks like anything different from that, it is a failure and does not speak well for his future as the reigning champion.
1(B) Bray Wyatt Words Need To Have Action: So you thought we forgot about Bray? Not at all and following Bray Wyatt's example, we will not conform and giving you 6 things in a list that is only suppose to be 5. It is important that Bray Wyatt comes out of this event not being all talk and no action. He needs to win this match or have some validation for what he has been saying. Ideally we get both to happen in his match with John Cena. This is a much better version of the feud between John Cena and Kane, that was used to fill in the gaps for Cena as he prepared for his first encounter with The Rock. Bray Wyatt just like Kane wants to expose a darker side to John Cena that he claims exists. John Cena is showing some doubt on if the fans are really behind him on this one and that is already a partial victory for Bray in comparison to the Kane vs. Cena feud. If Bray fails to get a win the only way this feud to continue with any kind of logic is if Cena some how cheats to win. Given this is a steel cage match with no real room for that to happen logically Bray needs to win. Bray may not care about his win/loss record but for the fans to believe in him they need him to win. This feud has elevated Bray to being in the conversation as one of the best talkers in the WWE. Part of being a great talker is being able to take those words and turn them into action and that time is now for Bray Wyatt.

So why do we not see any mention of The Shield and Evolution? Reason for this is basically because you could have a number of acceptable outcomes to this one, without one standing out as better than another. I think regardless of who wins this feud is not finished and thus the result here is only this first step in a much larger war. It is not to say it won’t be potentially fantastic and a great match. It very well should be that. It is just that nothing NEEDS to happen here to any degree. No one in this match will be hurt by a loss and no one gains a ton from a win at this stage if this program continues on as expected.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Means Podcast and Preview of Extreme Rules

We go from the board rooms to the ring this week on the Podcast. WWE Business to the next PPV and if it will be BEST FOR BUSINESS. An old favourite WWE Show coming back to WWE Network but should we really be that excited about it? Speaking of the Network still no way to LEGALLY get on board with the network outside of U.S till late 2014 or early 2015. We may not have the WHOLE WORLD IN OUR HANDS but we do have a twitter account @Condoonthemoon and facebook page. What we don't have is a guest this week but that is ok because James Borbath and Chris Walder had lots to talk about.

Thanks to all of you that already have followed us on Twitter please spread the word and let folks know about the Condo on The Moon. If your new to the Condo on the Moon welcome aboard. Our Podcast drops every Friday evening and great articles all week long. So freak out cause we are here and looking to build our own wrestling family with all of you.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Push,Repackage & Fire: Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and Kofi Kingston

It’s time to play everyone’s favourite game that you may have learned from Straight Shoot with Aubrey Sitterson. Speaking of that subject, I encourage you to go check out his Extreme Rules Preview show with guest Sam Roberts. The game is one I created called Push, Repackage and Fire. It is a take off from the more well known Screw, Marry and Kill game. We take 3 wrestling talents from the same roster and decide who we are pushing, who is getting re-packaged and who is getting a pink slip like Mason Ryan and a number of others did for real a couple days ago.

I really want to make it interactive so if you have some good ideas on 3 talents you would like to see used for a future edition of this hit me with them @condoonthemoon and I will pick one to use. For this go around I am going to pick our three lucky victims.

So here we go we have Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and Kofi Kingston you are the contestants for this time around.

Push: Kofi Kingston

We are going push Kofi and not change anything about him except his role. Kofi has been the good guy for far too long and what has it got him. They already teased a turn in that confusing interaction with the Miz awhile back but we are following throw and making Kofi a heel. No more smiling happy Kofi an angry one motivated to have success. We start this by having Kofi on a Raw pre-show and he walks off saying he is not in the WWE to talk about it he is here to be a part of it. He storms into Brad Maddox office and demands a match. Maddox says he does not have the authority to make a match as the card is booked. Kofi says that Maddox is a puppet of the authority he should have just gone to them. Maddox says no wait you want a match fine. He books him against Dolph Ziggler. Kofi has a competitive match with Ziggler and in that match the ref takes a bump and Kofi low blows Ziggler trouble in paradise and ref has recovered 1-2-3 and your off and running with Kofi as a heel.

Repackage: Sheamus

We are all tired of this fella; well most of us are at this point. I am having Sheamus grow a full beard; shave his head and comeback as a loud brash cocky heel. If you are familiar with Conor McGregor in the UFC something along these lines of how he acts.  He will shoot his mouth off and talk about how he is great buddies with Triple H and that he has been promised he will be taken to top. Even give him a few of Triple H’s moves that he can brag he was taught by The Game himself. He will go out of his way to suck up to the authority and try and make it very obvious he is in tight with them without them really acknowledging him to any great degree. In the end we are meant to believe that Sheamus is over exaggerating to flat out lying about his friendship with Triple H. He can keep some of his corny jokes but make them about other wrestlers and the fans. He also will become more a chicken type heel when the fight really gets going he wants no part of it and looks for the easy way out.

Fire: Alberto Del Rio
We have tried him as a top guy and it hasn’t worked well. He had a failed run as a baby face that went worse. Basically he has had a bunch of runs with the secondary world title that have not been anything to write home about. His promos all really sound the same at this point. To which I say his destiny is to be in the unemployment line. I just can’t see a way you can rebuild him into anything that would be considered credible at this point. So adios amigo it is.

Like what we did with this? Think we totally screwed it up? There is no right or wrong answers with these so if you have cool ideas for this let’s here them. You can also like us on facebook and offer us your suggestions on this or feedback on anything else. Give us a like and let us hear from you.