Monday, May 19, 2014

Kevin Steen is WWE Bound?

I hate rumours, I don’t like to talk about them at all. I have come to realize in covering wrestling I have to get over that feeling. Especially when it is good news for someone I genuinely like and have rooted for a long time. Pro wrestling net and where I now write Between the Ropes and like many other places are reporting Kevin Steen could be signing a contract to join WWE Developmental.

This would make sense based on a number of circumstantial things I have seen. I’ll stick with the public stuff that is on the record. First you had the very odd and unusually short prom cut by Kevin after Global Wars. Normally Steen after winning or losing has lots to say especially in front of a Canadian Crowd. On this night he said all I can say to all of you it Thank You.

Now fast forward to this past weekend it was a reflective Steen in New York City that talked bout his ups and downs in his time with Ring of Honor. How he had grown to love it and things his time there is drawing to a close. He was interrupted  by Silas Young and it sets up for an angle between Young and Steen for the PPV Best in the World which will be ROH’s first time on traditional PPV and by all accounts likely Steen’s last match in Ring of Honor wrestling.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am for Kevin Steen. I remember watching a weekend escapade where he stopped in front of the WWE Headquarters and was just standing there. I legitimately got emotional about it. I though in my head that WWE would never take a chance on a guy like Kevin Steen. Simply because he wasn’t a certain body type or fit some stereo type of what a wrestler is suppose to look like.

It looks like his hard work to get himself in better shape as paid off and he could be bound for WWE Developmental. Just recently having his second child this is becoming quite the year both personally and professionally for Kevin.

I am so glad that I finally got off my butt to go see him in Toronto and here in Hamilton. It appears I would not have had another chance to do so if I had not. Least not outside of the WWE environment so I will cherish what was already a cool weekend even more now. 

Still I just want to see Kevin Steen or whatever he becomes in WWE in a ring with those letters NXT before I will truly believe this has happened. I am so thrilled for this man it is beyond words.

Here is that episode of Kevin Steen's Weekend Escapades that I reference (he is actually just recording the building at 16:10 mark) back from December of 2013:

So I look forward to watching Steen Kevinson or whatever he will be called in WWE. It appears that day is fast approaching. It could not happen to a nicer man.