Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bray Has Come To Save Us All Or Just Get Himself Over?

Who does Bray Wyatt represent when he is speaking? He is speaking a lot more truth than lies in the minds of many pro wrestling fans. He asked was he snake venom or the cure? Even in actions designed to make him look like a bad guy it is actually righting a wrong. He chooses to target Jerry Lawler as he was the man that for years had spread the lies about John Cena. Well that is kind of true he has been that guy. What he also has been is not that great at his job for a decade. JBL trying to defend him draws little sympathy either as he too has become nothing more than a shadow of his former self on commentary.

If the People's Champion goes after John Cena in The Rock maybe there is a new man to carry that claim. Bray Wyatt and the Rock have nothing in common other than they both come from wrestling families. In a very different way is what Bray Wyatt doing not the will of the people? For at least the majority of them that see John Cena as a played out plastic corporate puppet.

Actually another similarity to The Rock is the ability to talk. Sometimes Rocky would not make a ton of sense with his off beat humor and it really got to the point “IT DIDN’T MATTER WHAT HE SAID,” because we all had bought in. Bray has a much more serious message and when he laughs it really isn’t from a joke. It is a more evil and sinister laugh.

But the people love him and they have embraced him. The Rock originally was a good guy but the people didn’t like him so he was turned into a member of the Nation on Domination. It soon became The Rock that overshadowed all in the group. Bray has always been the leader of his group and treated as such.

In the end is Bray Wyatt not just the New People’s Champion but is he the Voice of the voiceless too? He says a lot of the stuff that we all are thinking. Where and how does this long drawn out feud with John Cena end or does it even end or does it just get put on hold.

While most pine for a return to the attitude era Bray Wyatt goes back further than that to Jake Roberts. It is crystal clear that Wyatt has studied so Jake “The Snake” Roberts material. Roberts always made comparisons to life that was often sick, twisted and very dark. Keep in mind all of this in the supposed PG Friendly Era of Wrestling. By the time that Attitude Era was coming Jake had been in and out of rehab and the WWF and found God. That finding of God led to the most famous phrase uttered in wrestling

“Talk about your psalms took about John 3:16, Austin 3:16 say I just whipped your ass”

That was the launch on millions and millions of T-Shirts being sold. Bray Wyatt is at his core different from everyone else and creates moments that are magical. When he comes on the screen you look up, you stop tweeting and you turn up the volume and listen.

For whatever people want to say about John Cena his message has become stale and outdated and people have stopped paying attention. People roll their eyes at Cena promos more than relate to him. Stop and think about it when is the last time you turned up a John Cena Promo. For most I would venture to say it has been awhile. Last time I did was when he reprized his old persona and rapped about The Rock.

I guess what is frustrating is nothing about Cena seems real. In his old heel days he talked like a white rapper kid from Boston. Now as the corporate face he has no accident and sounds like he belongs in a race for mayor not to be the WWE Champion. He dates a girl that seems so much like a Barbie doll come to life it isn’t funny. John Cena is the perfect Ken doll to her Barbie.

Using an Eminem song for Bray Wyatt was interesting. Not that Bray will be making a Rap album like John Cena has. He likes the old gospel tunes it would appear. Still Bray is kind of twisted and sick in the same way that Eminem can view the world through his rap lyrics.

Bray Wyatt presents a real world that does not have fair tales and super heroes. In a world that is not always just judging the book by its cover. The thing about this whole thing is where does the truth in what he says stop and is anything really a lie in what he says? Well he probably isn’t a God but we once had a Wrestling God that was taken out for a few matches.

Bray Wyatt speaks and we all listen and relate to his words. He is likely the best promo in the WWE right now and I would put him up against anyone on the roster. That is how much he is knocking it out of the park. This feud with Cena has dragged and the performances of John have been hit and miss. At the end of the day this has been all about Bray.

The mission of making a huge star however rocky and twisted that road has become it has happened. Bray Wyatt is now on a different level from everybody else. In those writers meeting that question is asked what are we doing with Bray? A true sign you have made it.

Follow the buzzards to the bank because Bray Wyatt has made himself a star for the next decade or more assuming he is able to stay healthy.