Friday, May 16, 2014

Condo on Moon Podcast- Stock Watch Edition

This has been a busy week in Wrestling and for me personally. WWE Stock took a nose dive on news they did not cash in big time on their T.V as the WWE is staying put with NBC Universal. We talk about what the WWE might do about the WWE World Championship with Daniel Bryan on mend from neck surgery. In addition we talk about my wrestling weekend that I wrote about if you missed it. I had a great time at Global Wars and we look ahead to ROH War of the Worlds. In addition rumours about a tag-team that may be coming for ROH's debut on PPV at Best In The World on June 22nd. I also mention how I am now a columnist for Between The Ropes and writing for them as well as here.Recount my encounters with several wrestlers I met on the weekend from ROH.

I mentioned the local promotion Alpha-1-Wrestling here in Hamilton. I actually got the date wrong it is July 6th and here is there Power Rangers Promo for that event that is pretty funny check it out.

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