Saturday, May 24, 2014

So Long Kevin Steen's Weekend Escapades...Hello Kevin Wyatt?

During our podcast I do believe we stumbled upon perhaps the perfect way for Kevin Steen to enter WWE. At some point would he make a great fourth member of the Wyatt family? There is some irony in the idea as Steen likely never gets a look from WWE if not for the success of Bray Wyatt. Does KILL WYATT KILL make sense? It kind of does! Kevin Wyatt doesn’t sound horrible does it? Even, Kevin Harper brother of Luke Harper might be nice fit.

Steen seems to be someone that could fit into that gimmick somewhat easily. maybe a Panda Mask? It all kind of makes sense the more I think about it. Kevin Steen and his love of animals could come in handy. Sure this all pretty damn early to speculate on as Steen will be heading to developmental not the main roster.

Chris Hero ended up spending years in developmental and never getting to the main roster. Sami Zyan once upon a time El Generico a tag partner and than rival of Steen in his run in ROH. The two are legitimate friends that came up together coming out of Quebec. He is currently in NXT and has been there for close to a year I think.

In any case another sign that Steen is wrapping up things on the independent scene he did a final episode of his web show “Kevin Steen’s Weekend Escapades.” Steen did not mention the WWE as the reason for ending the show. He stated having less time and the birth of his new daughter as the reason.

Steen was in action for Pro Wrestling Gorilla and it could be his last appearance there if rumours are true. He is part of Mount Rushmore in PWG with the Young Bucks and Adam Cole. Steen was in action with the Bucks last night and got the win. He addressed that crowd and said he wanted to address the rumours. He said they are true he will be going to the I-Hop after the show and none of the fans were invited.

Steen is an emotional guy and it seems he wants to avoid all these different send offs. I think the one and only Kevin Steen going away party will take place at ROH Best in the World on June 22nd, 2014. That seems a fitting place for a guy that has given his blood sweat and tears to build ROH back up to the point they are at and taking it to a historic place it has never been.

I just want to thank Kevin for being the guy that not only opened my eyes to wrestling outside of the WWE but investing my time and money to go out and support it. Kevin Steen is a tremendous representative of independent wrestling.

Weekend Escapades made me both appreciate the grind that independent wrestlers go through and see what fun it is to be at an independent show. Kevin Steen gave me that eye opening experience and not just a love of him but a love for all the guys he was sharing rings with across North America.

Thank You Kevin and good luck as member of the Wyatt’s or whatever they come up with for you in WWE. I know you’ll make it work and do a good job for yourself, your family and all of your fans!