Wednesday, May 7, 2014

10 People That Might Not Have Much Future Left In WWE

WWE has not made cuts from the main roster in a long time. It’s not like the WWE can’t afford to have the deepest roster of any wrestling company on the planet they can. Still with all the talent in the NXT system you would have to think looking over your shoulder might be wise at this point. Here are ten wrestlers that from the outside looking in might not be long for remaining in the WWE.

I would say JTG should be number one on this list, but at this point I see him as almost a mascot for employment in the WWE.  This list is based completely on observation and has no inside information attached too it.

#10 Great Khali: It is time for him to go for his sake and all of our sakes as well. I have seen him dance and sing enough and don’t ever want to seem him do that or have a match. What is left for him outside of that? Nothing so enjoy retirement big man.

#9 Damien Sandow:
Was the X-Men costume a sign that you can’t go much lower? Sandow has been in the WWE system for a long time and is not getting younger.

#8 Jack Swagger:
We gave him the boot in are game of Push, Repackage and Fire. It the real world his firing seems to be something to really be concerned about happening at this point. He has lost his more over tag-team partner in Cesaro and for the moment has Zeb. I think he could be replaced and the gimmick moves on without him.

#7 Jo Jo
: She got the boot from Total Divas and supposedly is still training at NXT. But honestly in a divas’ division that is full. She failed to get attention on Total Divas and that may be her only shot in the big time.

#6 Brodus Clay: Recently demoted to NXT and had his gimmick stolen by Xavier Woods who has got nothing out of it. Clay meanwhile mixed it up with the NXT Champion. Is he doomed to go the way of Mason Ryan only faster? It seems like a realistic thing to think at this point.

#5 Yoshi Tatsu: I saw him on NXT a few weeks ago and was stunned he was still in the company. WWE really is almost to the point of like the old WCW with no real competition their roster has got to the point that you honestly forget some of the people they employ. Sadly Yohsi has become one of those guys. He never really had any significant run or chance to be anything. He just has lingered around as a very infrequent jobber. He is now doing his jobs on NXT for that roster.  His next job is not going be with WWE.

#4 Evan Bourne:
I feel that Evan Bourne has become an urban legend at this point. He is always rumoured to be returning from injury. I assume he may have been healthy for years at this point. I honestly could walk by Evan Bourne on the street and not remember what he looks like.

#3 Zack Ryder: We all know the story here but let’s put everyone out of their misery and say WOO WOO GOOD BYE!

#2 Alberto Del Rio
: He has had more pushes than a shopping cart on a Saturday at the local grocery store. He has faded into the abyss of the mid-card. He was booked in a match with Daniel Bryan the world champion and he was an after thought to the horror film awful storyline and lost clean and tapped out. He may want out before the WWE pushes him out.

#1 Dolph Ziggler
: WWE and Dolph seem to be playing a game of chicken and I am betting on the people running the show not trying to steal it. Dolph has been told to slow down and shut his mouth. He has failed to either and remains buried at the bottom of the card. The latest blow, being eliminated from the U.S Title Battle Royal by Santino’s Cobra a new record low.  I can’t see Dolph suddenly finding God and doing what he has been asked to do for several years now.