Sunday, May 18, 2014

Guess Who Made A Return To Twitter @CMPunk

So last we heard from CM Punk on Social Media it was January 26th. He thanked everybody and told us all to keep being us. It has been 112 days what could have caused him to return to Twitter? Maybe to follow up on his wedding bombshell during the Cubs game yesterday? Nope just to make a silly bet about Hockey

Not the first time Punk has bet on Hockey with this high stakes wager between Punk and Cena a couple years back when Bruins faced the Blackhawks I believe:

Punk seems much more into being a Chicago Sports fan these days than the WWE Champion and if that makes him happy he has earned that right. I just hope he will now be back on Twitter. He doesn't have to talk about wrestling I just like having his sense of humour around on my timeline. So welcome back to Twitter Punk.