Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Means Podcast and Preview of Extreme Rules

We go from the board rooms to the ring this week on the Podcast. WWE Business to the next PPV and if it will be BEST FOR BUSINESS. An old favourite WWE Show coming back to WWE Network but should we really be that excited about it? Speaking of the Network still no way to LEGALLY get on board with the network outside of U.S till late 2014 or early 2015. We may not have the WHOLE WORLD IN OUR HANDS but we do have a twitter account @Condoonthemoon and facebook page. What we don't have is a guest this week but that is ok because James Borbath and Chris Walder had lots to talk about.

Thanks to all of you that already have followed us on Twitter please spread the word and let folks know about the Condo on The Moon. If your new to the Condo on the Moon welcome aboard. Our Podcast drops every Friday evening and great articles all week long. So freak out cause we are here and looking to build our own wrestling family with all of you.