Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Raw Notebook: May 6th 2014

Extreme Rules and Raw are in the books and we take a look back at some Extreme highs and lows coming out of this Special Event. We got it wrong as Daniel Bryan did in fact close the show on Extreme Rules. It was a pretty fun match that had a bit of an attitude era feel too it. That was the good news the bad news was this feud would continue on to Raw and it was terrible.

In fact not much good to say about Raw but before we get to that we need to touch on the PPV/Special Event.

Predictable comes to mind with this card but that doesn’t naturally always mean bad. The least predictable match produced the best match of this card. The Shield against Evolution was not booked as the main event but it did steal the show.  You had three established stars against 3 hungry lions and it showed in this match. It was a fantastic match that went all over the arena and features some crazy spots from Seth Rollins that we have not seen since Jeff Hardy’s days in WWE.

The feud continued on into Raw. Triple H booked Dean Ambrose into a battle royal for his U.S Title which he would lose and Sheamus would become the new U.S Champion. Triple H would come out after and announce that the Shield would face the Wyatt’s in the main event. Evolution would eventually get involved and cost them the match and go after them after the match complete with Batista delivering the triple power bomb with the help of the rest of Evolution.

Daniel Bryan on Raw was booked in a terrible horror movie angle that was briefly interrupted by a match with Alberto Del Rio. How you can book your World Champion as a coward against a performer that stopped being relevant a long time ago.

If the horror movie wasn’t your thing we had the antics of El Torito and Hornswaggle with Los Matadors and 3MB along for the ride. They had the Wee L C match at the PPV and than a Cinco De Mayo celebrations on Raw. 

In short there is a lot of campy stuff going on that isn’t exactly clicking. Speaking of campy we have a Little Wyatt named Johnny. He came out at the end of the PPV match and with a poltergeist type voice spooked John Cena into losing the match to Bray Wyatt. Many hated this finish it didn’t bother me much. Wyatt minus little Johnny cut a tremendous promo on Raw.

A PPV with thumbs in the middle and Raw with thumbs to the ground makes me roll my eyes.  It was a terrible follow up to an average PPV with really one match that kept it from being bad.

I am excited this week to go see ROH Global Wars in Toronto and independent show in Hamilton it comes at a perfect time where I am not exactly in love with the WWE at the moment.