Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Who is the Bunny?

Forget who framed Roger Rabbit? Actually who did frame him? Never mind more importantly the internet is all a buzz, amused, slightly interested on who is the Bunny with Adam Rose. What sparked this was Dolph Ziggler making claims on Twitter that Zack Ryder was in fact the Bunny. A photo of him with the bunny as well. Oh and the bunny has his own Twitter Account not endorsed by WWE or verfied by Twitter but who cares @WWE_Bunny is awesome give him a follow.

So who is this guy and could we possibly turn this into an angle. It would make sense that someone pretending to be one of Adam Rose's "rosebuds" would attack him and likely suspect is the Bunny. He does have an evil face if you get a close look at him

So are we ready to roll with this list of suspects?

# 5 Maria Kanellis: She was a playboy bunny and also dressed up like a bunny. She has a contract with ROH so couldn't show her face on WWE T.V. It all makes perfect sense. Not really at all we just wanted an excuse to show you this picture of Maria as a Bunny as a cheap stunt to get a couple more hits. So here you go!

#4 Kurt Hawkins: Why not he kinda looks like Zack or he use to when they tagged it would make for the honest mistake of people thinking it was Ryder right? Will consider him a suspect at this point.

#3 Joey Mercury: As most know Joey works behind the scenes in WWE as a booking agent/producer for matches. I can't remember where I heard this and it could be all in my head, but I remember hearing he was a hell of a break dancer. Also someone on Twitter pointed out they believe that the person in bunny outfit is bald. Another check in the column for the former member of Straight Edge Society.

 #2 Zack Ryder: He denies it, but as Dolph Ziggler tweeted that is just what the guy who is the bunny would say. If it is him I guess I am happy for him? If this is an angle I suggested came to pass, a Ryder heeling on Rose could work and get over maybe. They have done far worse with both.

#1 Dolph Ziggler: Wait a second he had that picture with the bunny. Can't be him. Photoshopped and this is all a cleaver plot by Ziggler to point the finger elsewhere that HE in fact is the WWE BUNNY!

You want to know the most sad thing of all? I think the Bunny is more over than Rose himself. I think this would make for a good mid-card comedy angle if they really tried to have a who is the bunny angle. Perfect kind of light silly comedy that would work for most ages from young to old. Heck if the Simpson can get a cliffhanger out of who shot Mr. Burns and South Park one on who is Eric Cartman's father....why not this.

I am not a Lemon or a Rosebud....I am a bunny loving fool!