Tuesday, May 13, 2014

WWE World Championship What Do You Do In The Wake Of Daniel Bryan Injury?

What in the world will the WWE do about the WWE World Championship? They have fought kicking and screaming but finally put Daniel Bryan over  with the title at Wrestlemania. As luck would have it we have Daniel Bryan going under the knife for neck surgery. The results of that will likely determine if there is need to be a new WWE World Champion?  In storyline Bryan has had the belt taken from him so many times and now he may have to legitimately forfeit  the title?

In the UFC they try to avoid this practice of stripping an injured champion of a belt. They will create an interim championship for the time the actual champion is healing. This has never been something that has been done in the WWE and to the best of my knowledge in the pro wrestling business on any grand stage.

Normally the idea I would never even dream of the WWE doing such a thing. But the fact in storyline they have killed Bryan so many times could they honestly do it again in a real circumstance and not totally crush his momentum?

Does the whole thought process change with whatever happens with this neck procedure. Even if this is a fairly standard thing does it make people wonder about the longevity of him as a performer. There is a long history of WWE stars that have had to call it quits due to neck issues. Big names like Steve Austin and Edge are just two that come to mind.

The other question becomes who exactly would become the new WWE World Champion. It is a tough time for the WWE with established stars that are not exactly over with fans. They have a lot of rising talents that are over but really not exactly ready for the top spot at the moment.

Sure Roman Reigns, Cesaro and Bray Wyatt all one day I could picture as WWE Champion but not today. Maybe I am wrong and there is a way you can make it make sense. Adam Cole when the tournament to replace an injured Jay Briscoe as champion might not have been my first choice. He became a heel during that tournament and had it climax at the point that he became the champion.

I think I have stumbled onto an idea perhaps. Who is to say that you could not book the reverse to happen for Cesaro. The seeds of a baby face turn have already been planted. Why not pour some water on them.

So let’s just explain this a little. Cesaro is competing in this tournament and in each match along the way Paul Heyman seems to have done something to sabotage Cesaro in every match. Right before the finals of the tournament it is announced that the winner will defend the title against Brock Lesnar. Cesaro in backstage hears this announcement and walk away from Paul Heyman. He enters the ring alone and fights whoever they other finalist is. Heyman comes out during the match trying to support Cesaro but in the final spot he tries to nail Cesaro with the belt after the ref had been taken out. Cesaro ducks and Heyman connects with the other man. Cesaro pulls Heyman in the ring and gives him the giant swing. Heyman takes the bump and the opponent and ref start to come back around. Cesaro hit’s the Neutralizer and that is that 1-2-3 your new baby face WWE World Champion Cesaro.

If and when Daniel Bryan is ready to come back you can have him challenge Cesaro or have Brock win the title and have Bryan face him to regain or unify the titles. Looks good on paper anyway.

The best case scenario is Daniel Bryan is ok and able to continue his title reign. If he isn’t a whole lot could change. Time will tell.