Thursday, May 1, 2014

Push,Repackage & Fire: Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and Kofi Kingston

It’s time to play everyone’s favourite game that you may have learned from Straight Shoot with Aubrey Sitterson. Speaking of that subject, I encourage you to go check out his Extreme Rules Preview show with guest Sam Roberts. The game is one I created called Push, Repackage and Fire. It is a take off from the more well known Screw, Marry and Kill game. We take 3 wrestling talents from the same roster and decide who we are pushing, who is getting re-packaged and who is getting a pink slip like Mason Ryan and a number of others did for real a couple days ago.

I really want to make it interactive so if you have some good ideas on 3 talents you would like to see used for a future edition of this hit me with them @condoonthemoon and I will pick one to use. For this go around I am going to pick our three lucky victims.

So here we go we have Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and Kofi Kingston you are the contestants for this time around.

Push: Kofi Kingston

We are going push Kofi and not change anything about him except his role. Kofi has been the good guy for far too long and what has it got him. They already teased a turn in that confusing interaction with the Miz awhile back but we are following throw and making Kofi a heel. No more smiling happy Kofi an angry one motivated to have success. We start this by having Kofi on a Raw pre-show and he walks off saying he is not in the WWE to talk about it he is here to be a part of it. He storms into Brad Maddox office and demands a match. Maddox says he does not have the authority to make a match as the card is booked. Kofi says that Maddox is a puppet of the authority he should have just gone to them. Maddox says no wait you want a match fine. He books him against Dolph Ziggler. Kofi has a competitive match with Ziggler and in that match the ref takes a bump and Kofi low blows Ziggler trouble in paradise and ref has recovered 1-2-3 and your off and running with Kofi as a heel.

Repackage: Sheamus

We are all tired of this fella; well most of us are at this point. I am having Sheamus grow a full beard; shave his head and comeback as a loud brash cocky heel. If you are familiar with Conor McGregor in the UFC something along these lines of how he acts.  He will shoot his mouth off and talk about how he is great buddies with Triple H and that he has been promised he will be taken to top. Even give him a few of Triple H’s moves that he can brag he was taught by The Game himself. He will go out of his way to suck up to the authority and try and make it very obvious he is in tight with them without them really acknowledging him to any great degree. In the end we are meant to believe that Sheamus is over exaggerating to flat out lying about his friendship with Triple H. He can keep some of his corny jokes but make them about other wrestlers and the fans. He also will become more a chicken type heel when the fight really gets going he wants no part of it and looks for the easy way out.

Fire: Alberto Del Rio
We have tried him as a top guy and it hasn’t worked well. He had a failed run as a baby face that went worse. Basically he has had a bunch of runs with the secondary world title that have not been anything to write home about. His promos all really sound the same at this point. To which I say his destiny is to be in the unemployment line. I just can’t see a way you can rebuild him into anything that would be considered credible at this point. So adios amigo it is.

Like what we did with this? Think we totally screwed it up? There is no right or wrong answers with these so if you have cool ideas for this let’s here them. You can also like us on facebook and offer us your suggestions on this or feedback on anything else. Give us a like and let us hear from you.