Monday, May 12, 2014

My Fun Wrestling Weekend

So I had a heck of a wrestling weekend at both the Global Wars Show in Toronto and here in Hamilton with Alpha-1-Wrestling. It made me feel more like a wrestling fan again and reminded me why I love this business. I also started a new job with Between the Ropes and did an article for them on Global Wars. I am not sure if what I wrote there or here can do the live event experience justice. I have been in bigger crowds and louder crowds but would be hard pressed to find a more passionate crowd.

The one constant at both shows was meeting Kevin Steen. It confirmed a lot of things I had thought about him already. He is just a nice guy and so appreciative of all of his fans from the smallest to the biggest he is so nice to them all. I had like three separate little conversations with him. Never got around to hey would you like to talk for my pod cast because it seemed wrong some how. But I am sure I can still share them with you on the pod cast this week from my point of view. He is highly entertaining and is it large crowd or small it is fairly obvious he is the biggest personality in the room.

This was my first time going to ROH and my first time going to an independent wrestling show. Both were fun in different ways. When you go to an independent show you quickly realize almost every thing you say can be heard if you yell it loud enough. Rooting against over 1100 fans for the Young Bucks was a losing battle. You also get funny moments being closer to the action. Like during Steen’s match in Hamilton a “Kill Steen Kill” chant broke out not as loud but just as passionate as the night before in Toronto. Kevin pointed to his shirt and said today is “Fight Steen Fight” maybe because it was Mother’s Day or just a more family oriented show I don’t know.  But proving just how over he is with people the chant instantly changed to “Fight Steen Fight.”

I had at that show in Hamilton from an invitation to come from Ethan Page who was on with us on the pod cast a few weeks back. This was a really stacked show with a lot of ROH Talent deciding to opt for the quick trip down the QEW to be part of this show. Also the show featured Tommy Dreamer of ECW fame. Aside from Kevin you had Michael Elgin, Jimmy Jacobs and Kyle O’Reilly.

Page lost the promotion’s top championship in a match with a guy that has an Italian soccer player gimmick. Which if you are from Hamilton makes total sense as gimmick in this town as anyone who visits during the World Cup will know. They announced that recently released TNA talent Chris Sabin will be on their next show in July.

So my fun wrestling weekend is over and now it is back to the reality of Raw and WWE that has not exactly been hitting home runs of late. Heck a nice bunt single would be nice. Maybe the warm after glow of a great wrestling weekend will make the show seem better.

My Thanks to Kevin Steen and Adam Cole for giving me a lasting memento of this weekend signing my Border Wars ticket.

 They did not disappoint me by putting on the amazing match I thought they would and knew they could.  Both Steen and Cole got a chuckle of my promotion for their match as Mount Rushmore explodes. As a play off the old Savage vs. Hogan Mega Powers explode. I told you before all things wrestling with me lead back or eventually to Randy Savage.

6 Degrees of Separation in Wrestling to Randy Savage…maybe that is a future feature for the blog? Will see but for now just thankful to have had a great fun wrestling weekend and remember why I love this crazy stuff.