Thursday, July 3, 2014

Renee Young Rises To Superstars Status

Never really made much note in the blog of Josh Mathews being let go by WWE. The reason why seems pretty clear as people like Renee Young and Todd Phillips were simply better than him. Young who has been being groomed to have a role in commentary is getting her shot calling matches on WWE Superstars. Another step up the ladder for her in the relatively quick rise she has had within the company. People in Canada know Renee with a different last name from her time working at The Score in Canada. The Score was the broadcaster for WWE Programming in Canada. She was part of a show call Right After Wrestling that changed into Aftermatch and hosted with Jimmy Korderas former WWE Official for 22 years and Arda Ocal.

Young was a huge hit on that show and obvious caught the attention of WWE and she was hired and left the Network which no longer exists and was re-branded when purchased by Rogers to Sportsnet 360. I personally have never been as crazy about her as most seem to be. I can not deny her fast move up the ladder since arriving in the WWE though. She is a talented broadcaster in her own unique way and has a great personality that shines through in the WWE as it did in her work on The Score.

Rumors had been that ESPN had interest in Young as they have had success with a couple of other former WWE announcers turned into ESPN guys. This latest challenge for Young should be very interesting as to the best of my knowledge she never did an kind of commentary in working with The Score. She has been doing it for awhile on NXT after quickly moving away from being the backstage interviewer on NXT. She has a charming chemistry with William Regal who really should be doing commentary on the main shows by now at this point. Why he isn’t, I have no idea and wrote about his brilliance in the past. Phillips and Young have been working together on NXT so the transition should be smooth. WWE .com had an article about the move playing up the fact that Young will be the first female commentator for the company in over a decade. I am not sure who they are claiming was the last. Sunny had roles on various shows so maybe that is who they are referencing. In any case this is a big deal and WWE commentary has been in bad need of a makeover for sometime.

This might be some baby steps in that direction which I think we all would welcome. The Cole, Lawler and JBL commentary team is about as stale as the current WWE Champion John Cena.

So congrats to Renee who I only ever briefly met at a Raptors game we both were covering. She really has made the most of her opportunity with the WWE. 

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