Monday, July 14, 2014

CM Punk: Best In The World Of Podcasting?

CM Punk is going to invade the world of podcasting according to his Twitter account:

Obviously Punk is pretty aware of how all this stuff works as his good friend Colt Cabana started what is considered by many the original wrestling podcast by a wrestler “The Art of Wrestling,” which came along long before the wrestler podcast became the cool thing.

Knowing Punk if you are expecting a wrestling heavy show, I would venture to say you will end up pretty disappointed, as Punk likely will talk as much MMA and comics as he will pro wrestling. That is just speculation on my part, but if we get a detailed explanation as to why he is no longer apart of the WWE I would personally be pretty surprised.

Details on all of this should be coming as soon as Thursday as it seems that will be the day he is officially done with the WWE in terms of his contract.

I find Punk to be a fascinating person though at the end of the day and given his reputation for speaking his mind it should make for an entertaining show regardless of the content. Will wait and see what the Voice of the Voiceless has to say for himself. It would appear he will be part of the ever growing roster of WWE former talent that has been signed up by Podcast One.

It is a safe bet that episode one could be the most downloaded podcast in the history of that company and perhaps the world when all is said and done. The funny thing is, even if Punk says it in his own words will people honestly believe he is done with professional wrestling? CM Punk chants have returned to WWE arenas with the return of his new wife A.J. This could be a reason, which might serve as motivation for Punk to make a clear statement about his future in wrestling.  Which he already has indirectly, but to hear it from him in his own words should be something the wrestling world has be dying to hear despite what people claim in terms of being tired of hearing about Punk.

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