Thursday, July 3, 2014

Details On Jericho's Return To WWE

Some follow up on Chris Jericho’s return to the WWE it looks like he is here until late September. He says he will be working 10-12 dates per month and will be on the upcoming tour in Australia. He says the he wanted to work with either Daniel Bryan or Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania but seeing as they were involved in programs that they had. It seems Fozzy had an opening in their schedule. It also makes sense for Jericho as Fozzy is about to release an album.

This info came from his most recent podcast on Podcast one that obviously will continue during his run in the WWE which likely will draw him even more attention to it with him now being on the inside in the WWE. Something that both Jim Ross and Steve Austin’s podcasts will not have. Not to say either is not able to know what is going on in the world of WWE but Jericho will be on the front lines. Jericho did not make any mention on anything about his podcast and how that impacted on his returning to the company. Obviously the WWE was cool with it as it continues on post his return.

The Australian tour might explain the strange day it was for WWE Diva Emma that was fired and hours later un-fired by the WWE. That is speculation on my behalf but seems like a viable reason as to why the WWE had such a quick change of heart. Emma was arrested for a shoplifting incident in which the item in question was a 21 dollar I-Pad case and happened at a Hartford area Wal-Mart on Monday. Between the Ropes had the details on the un-firing of Emma. One other thing that seems to have helped her stay employed was the fact Cameron and Jack Swagger were not fired for larger offences in terms of being charged with DUI’s with in the last couple years.

In any case it has been an eventful week in the WWE with returns of Jericho, The Miz and A.J Lee and this on going Emma saga that honestly seems to be one of the most overblown things I have seen in a long time. How on earth someone is being arrested over something worth 20 dollars that bought of items according to reports is beyond me. Emma was having her struggles as it was and I think the initial reaction was more the WWE had a reason to get rid of her but than came to the realization they were heading to Australia. Who knows if will ever get to the bottom of all of this nonsense. Emma is a free and employed woman last we checked.

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