Thursday, July 10, 2014

Raw Commissioner Ric Flair?

Rumors have been going on for about a month about a Ric Flair return to television. The original rumors focused on him as a manager and it seemed like it was a battle between who he wanted to represent and who the WWE wanted him too. He wanted to be paired with Dolph Ziggler and company wanted him with the Miz. It seems they have decided to go with option number three at least based on the latest rumor.

In recent weeks Brad Maddox and Vicky Guerrero both were fired in storyline from management positions on Raw and Smackdown. The rumor is that this Monday Flair will be named commissioner of Raw. It is also said the fact that John Cena is one shy of Ric Flair’s record 16 times as World Champion. It is said in reality that Flair’s real number of championships could range from 18-21 according to Dave Meltzer.

In real life Flair is good buddies with John Cena and likely Flair is fine with Cena taking his made up number of title wins.

Still in storyline the idea of a crazed Ric Flair trying to protect his greatness would be fantastic to watch. Flair eventually could become a point of division between Stephanie and Triple H. Everyone knows that Flair has been an idol of Triple H for years. I would venture to say the reason Ric Flair has been given chance after chance by this company has been Triple H.

If a point comes where Flair falls out of favor in storyline with Stephanie that could led to an interesting dynamic.

This that will be interesting is how much they allow Ric Flair to be Ric Flair. In recent appearances Flair has seemed to have been very much scripted and tried to keep him to not go off track with promos. Flair at one time was one of the best talkers in this business.  Although working in a PG world is to say the least a challenge to keep Ric Flair from straying out of that range.

How big a role would be interesting as well based on this. Given the concerns I mentioned how much of what we see will be pre-taped with Ric Flair in the back rather than live in front of the people.

In any case it is an interesting role for Flair and might be similar to when in storyline he became partners with Vince McMahon. This time it likely will be in a heel role but perhaps not. Last time we saw Flair he stressed how he seemed to believe in The Shield more than he did Evolution. This wouldn’t be the first time WWE totally forgot what happened the last time someone appeared intentionally or unintentionally.

It will be interesting if Ric Flair is going be around every Monday Night.

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