Monday, July 7, 2014

Paige Being Bad Is Good For Her Future Success

If you are a fan of WWE’s Paige you may still be pretty upset by the events of last week. It may not look great right now, but I maintain what happened last week might be the best thing for the young native of England. I think it is fair to say the WWE had done Paige no favors in terms of her booking since being added to the main roster. That may seem odd when you consider she was given the “Diva’s Championship” on her first night on the roster. She was not booked strongly with that title and as a result her getting over as “babyface” character.She was failing to a large extent. Suddenly we are sent back to square one when A.J Lee returns to the WWE for her first appearance since that night.

It was never clearer when A.J returned how Paige was out of her league to some extent. She is not a good talker and that was made painfully clear last week. Where she is strong is in-ring with her work she is even at her young age one of the better females in the company. Booking her as a “babyface” did not show off those skills as well in her matches. Paige was booked as a young rookie that would fight from behind and often times seemed more lucky than good at the end of a match.

Even in the relatively short match she had with A.J in losing the Diva’s title you saw a vast difference. She was aggressive and vicious in her attack. When is the last time you ever saw a female deliver a head-butt in a match. I can’t ever recall it personally in the WWE. Wrestling in a “heel” role this should highlight her aggressive style and get over her original gimmick she was billed as in NXT as being the "anti-diva" to some extent.

She still has the issue of being very under developed on the microphone and I have heard several people suggest a couple of solutions to this issue. One that was mentioned was making Paige the first ever Paul Heyman Girl and allow Heyman to do her talking for her. This would be a huge plus for Paige to have a manager something that is rare for female competitors but would work. It makes her have something different from everyone else and that alone makes her stand out. I could easily see Heyman making Paige come off like a Ronda Rousey type killer eventually. He is well aware of MMA and the impact that Rousey has had on that world. She is without question the “Baddest Female on the Planet” and wrestling is in need of a no nonsense female that appeals to fans that support someone like a Rousey.

Another option and more natural connection would be William Regal. The fellow native of England would offer some different aspects from Heyman but is fully capable of getting over the vicious nature that Paige will be bringing to matches. He could offer his guidance to Paige, which is logical and you could even use Regal having ties to her family as a reason why he has chosen to help her realize her potential.

In any case, Paige really was in bad need of a reset to her character and should get it now with this turn to the heel side of the equation. Working with A.J should be a good learning experience for her as well as it is fairly clear that no female in this company has been as “over” as she has been with fans in the recent history of the WWE.

Paige is only 21 years old and will be given lots of opportunity to grow and live up to her potential which is still very high. This might seem like a roadblock to her early career, but it might be the best thing for her and a tremendous opportunity to grow from it. She seems far better suited to be a “heel” than a “face” for my money.  Eventually a no nonsense butt kicking character can become a "babyface" and it has been proven by Rousey in the UFC and was proven by Austin in the WWE. These are big names to live up too, but merely extreme examples of what I am talking about.

Paige will be fine and should embrace this new role and thrive with it.

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