Sunday, July 6, 2014

WWE News: Cutting Costs Tough Enough and Legend's House 2 In Doubt.

Seems the WWE is in full cost cutting mode according to reports from Wrestling According to Dave Meltzer the WWE is looking to trim 20 million in expenses and this comes directly from Vince. WWE had promised a return of Tough Enough and it was scheduled to starting shooting this week and has not. It has now been pushed back to October and the future of the project is in some doubt.

There is additional talk that the WWE may scrape plans for a Legend’s House 2. The original plan was to have the second season go into production immediately after the filming of Tough Enough. Now with that pushed back this could mean no second season for Legend’s House.

This comes soon after news of cost cutting measures to the Raw Pre-show and Post-Show that are now not taped on site and done from Connecticut at the WWE Studios. 

Meanwhile the WWE will be rolling into Toronto for house show this afternoon locally. WWE was in London,Ontario last night and show featured Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt in a street fight as the main event of the show. Bret Hart is scheduled to appear on both Raw and Smackdown show’s in Montreal and Ottawa. No idea if these will be part of the event of after camera’s go off.

Ronda Rousey said she is not opposed to working with the WWE in some way if approached. She also said that she as fan would like to see CM Punk come back, but understands what it is like to not have motivation to do something anymore and compared it to her lack of interest in competitive Judo. This was in an interview with MMA

Rousey won her title defense last night in 16 seconds over Alexis Davis. C.M Punk was watching and proclaimed Rousey to be the Best in the World via twitter. She will be having a knee scoped and has stitches in her right hand. Anyone speculating about Summerslam she could in theory be health at that time but seeing as she is not going to do a UFC fight on short notice in start of August, I would personally rule her out for Summerslam. Any appearance would also need to be approved by the UFC who recently rejected Tom Lawlor being on the ROH PPV "Best in the World". Ronda is however the biggest star in the sport and if she wanted to appear on WWE no idea if the UFC would stand in her way.

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