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5 Good Reasons For Brock Lesnar To Be Champion

There has been buzz for many months that Brock Lesnar is going to compete for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The majority of those people feeling that Lesnar would win the title coming off his defeating of the Undertaker’s Streak at Wrestlemania 30. Almost for as long since news of Daniel Bryan’s injury being worse than expected (as he confirmed the other day) that it would be Cena and Lesnar. It has been talked about and been leaked on several occasions making the WWE’s Battleground next to irrelevant. Almost no one expects Cena to win this match. He had a win over Brock when he first returned from the UFC and many to this day point to it as major mistake made by the company. Coming of defeating the Undertaker many would feel losing to Cena would be an even bigger blunder.

So here is a list of 5 reasons why Brock as WWE World Heavyweight Champion makes sense. If you want to use the Triple H line why Brock is “Best for Business” go ahead. 

5. Brock Gets Attention: Even to this day Brock Lesnar captures the attention of people in general and specifically UFC/MMA fans as well as wrestling fans. He has been the most successful crossover superstar between the two worlds. The fact he beat the Undertaker’s streak was huge news around the world in main stream media and Brock was a secondary figure but made the story even more interesting to main stream non-wrestling media. WWE has very few stars in the company currently that have main stream stroke that they are known outside of the wrestling bubble. That is something the WWE has always valued as a way to pull in new fans to the product potentially.  

4. Paul Heyman: Given Brock’s contract the idea of putting the Championship on him would not be possible without Paul Heyman. The work Heyman has done at even the expense of Cesaro in keeping Brock and his defeating the Undertaker’s Streak alive. Assuming the obvious is going to happen and Lesnar wins the title Heyman would be counted on to represent the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He would basically cut the promos to represent Brock and the title and if the plan plays out as some see it he would do this for close to 6 months with only a couple of defences by Brock in that time and appearances. If not for Heyman it would not even be able to be considered. Just look at the situation for Daniel Bryan as proof of that. WWE could not afford to be without the WWE World Heavyweight Championship being represented. It shows the faith the WWE has in Paul if this does indeed happen and last until Wrestlemania 31 with Brock as the Champion.

3. Legitimacy: When Brock Lesnar carries your Championship suddenly that belt becomes very legitimate. Go have someone tell Brock Lesnar what he is doing is fake and his belts don’t mean anything. He makes that line blur from what is not real and what is real. His success in MMA legitimized the fact he was a legit monster that could kick ass. Some may say why should this matter and that wrestling have moved past this to some extent. Daniel Bryan even taking down criminals in Phoenix does not look the part. As much as I love CM Punk to just look at him the same is true. Brock love him or hate him has a presence and a legitimacy that is unlike anyone in the history of wrestling to a point.

2. WWE Network/Return on Investment:  When Brock originally came back he was brought back to pop some big numbers on pay-per-view. Now the whole game as changed but what hasn’t changed is the high salary for very limited appearances that Brock Lesnar receives has not.  The truth is with pay-per-view basically dead for the WWE and Network struggling Brock is a massive expense. What the WWE is hoping to do in putting the belt on Brock and basically have him pass the torch to a selected superstar (likely Roman Reigns) is the WWE’s attempt to get value out of Brock by using him to make a new mega superstar from the man that beats him at Wrestlemania 31. Anyone suggesting Brock will work more dates is just leaving in a dream world. Brock is at the end of the day a mercenary in terms of business. WWE is already massively overpaying him for the return he can provide them in their current set-up. So the next best thing is to use Brock to create the “NEXT BIG THING” as he was billed when he first entered the WWE.

1. If Not Brock Who?: The WWE really has few options otherwise to but in this spot. People will throw lots of names including Reigns as guys ready to hold the Title. In reality he isn’t and no one else of the new up and coming fan favourites is. You only need to look at a career of someone like Jack Swagger as an example of what can happen if you give someone a title to soon. Even more important with title unified you need to be sure someone is ready. Fans have had their fill of all the established options to but the belt on at this point. They are craving changing and tempting the WWE to move more quickly than they would like with various talents. While there is the challenge of not having the WWE World Heavyweight Champion on house shows and on television it is a risk worth taking if it leads to more buys for WWE Network and a new star to carry the company. There have been rumors of Cena taking more time to make movies and eventually stepping aside makes this vital for the future of the company. Brock has not been as much of a problem as he was in past in WWE. It is fairly simple now as he has a schedule he likes and is being paid extremely well. Lesnar is the guy that makes the most sense as fans seem to be willing to accept him as champion and having him paired with Cena will guarantee a positive reaction to him winning the Championship.

This is all assuming the WWE will be patient with everything. If they really were fearful and panicked and put the belt on Roman Reigns at Night of Champions that would be a major mistake. Sticking to the plan will be interesting given all the challenges with the Network and how the company will react to those expected bumps in the road. It is going to be a very interesting march to Wrestlemania 31 and will that even be on the Network next year? All questions we still don’t know the answer too. It will be interesting if WWE chooses to ride all of this time with Brock as the Champion and barely on programming. It is a major risk but on the WWE seems more and more likely to take. Originally the plan was to have Daniel Bryan come back and take the title at Night of Champions it was rumored but now it seems like Brock and Paul Heyman could be carrying the ball till Wrestlemania 31. After that promo on Monday it is hard not to feel safe that Heyman and Brock combined might just be up to the task. 

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