Tuesday, July 15, 2014

C.M Punk Is Free To Do What He Wants.

So it is over for now as C.M Punk has been added to the WWE Alumni section and he made this tweet to acknowledge his fans:

C.M Punk and the WWE appear to have officially parted ways and now we will see what is next with Punk and if he will address the situation that has been for the most part the biggest on going story behind the scenes in wrestling this year. Punk has had very little to say about his situation and as we reported yesterday he is suppose to be starting a podcast soon? It will no doubt be the most listen to podcast perhaps in wrestling history. What he will have to say remains to be seen.

It is hard think he will go to war with the WWE given his wife A.J Lee is working for the company. He will most likely take the high road just based on the situation. The thing is with C.M Punk it is hard to say what he will do. It is one of things that have made him one of the most interesting people in wrestling in the modern era. He has crafted a hall of fame worthy career. If it ever happens is another thing as sometimes the WWE is known to hold a grudge ask any Randy Savage fan about that.

I will support C.M Punk in whatever he decides to do with his life. Would I love to see him return to wrestling or be involved in it absolutely! If he doesn’t I will not hold it against him he has given his body and soul in some ways to entertain me and many fans he has gotten over his long and inspiring career.

Thank you C.M Punk doesn’t really seem like enough. He will always have a special place in my heart never having met him but sharing a love and passion for wrestling and mostly for Randy Savage who is the reason I know who CM Punk is or any other wrestler you care to name.

Good luck to CM Punk and I hope he has happiness in whatever he decides to do with his life. I plan to still be watching and supporting where and when that applies. 

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