Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bryan Danielson Real Life Hero: But Daniel Bryan Far From A Return To Ring

Daniel Bryan’s (Bryan Danielson) up and down 2014 continues to roll along as we mentioned on the Podcast yesterday was in San Diego for Comic-Con. He did a panel with Hulk Hogan, Sting and Paul Heyman. He also said he was working on an autobiography which was announced at while at Comic Con. He is picked up at the airport in Phoenix where he and his wife Bri live now to find their house being broken into. Danielson chases down one of the robbers and held him till police arrived.

In addition as mention in the above video Bryan confirmed that he just received word he will need to undergo a second neck surgery and gave the most detailed account of his injury to date. It would appear that he has a long road still to getting back to the ring. Still a story like this is just another example of how he has become this “everyman” type superhero for fans. Roman Reigns isn’t running down robbers in the street no of course it is Daniel Bryan.

Still as Bryan stated even with his wrestling skills it was likely not an intelligent idea to be attacking criminals with just his bare hands. Just add another story to the legend that is Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson. I am sure the WWE will make mention of this on Raw. It is to good a story for them not too. It will throw a wrinkle into the wrestling drama in which Bri had Stephanie arrested but still this story is too good to not mention. 

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