Monday, July 7, 2014

Santino Retires In Toronto: Perhaps Explains Sandow's New Gimmick

Some big news coming out of the house show in Toronto as Santino Marrella announced he is done as an in ring competitor. He announced to the crowd that he has re-injured his neck and was disappointed that he would never have the chance to wrestle under his real hometown of Toronto. Technically he is from Mississauga, Ontario and he owns a gym Battle Arts which he opened in July of 2013. Real name Anthony Carelli says he will remain with the company in some non-wrestling capacity.

Given this news this brings to light perhaps the direction of Damien Sandow turning into a fairly comedic based character around the last time we saw Santino in the ring. Santino was paired with Emma in his last run in ring that had been missing prior to her incident at Walmart last week.

Sandow this past Monday took his comedy gimmick to the next level playing Vince McMahon and having some interaction with Stephanie McMahon. While some have pegged this a burying of Sandow it may just be he has been given the role Santino has filled for years. I at first was not a fan of all the non-sense it has grown on me and he is doing a great job.

No one can deny that Sandow has committed 100% to everything that has been thrown in front of him. Time will tell what becomes of this, but it sure seems that he has a secure role with the company even if you may not like it.

It also makes a very logic reason for why all this has taken place for Sandow. It certainly all seems to line-up in terms of a time table.

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Update: 1pm July 7th- WWE Releases Video from house show of Santino's Announcement: