Friday, June 6, 2014

The ROH Champ Adam Cole Checks In To Condo on Moon Podcast

We have been promoting it since last week and the time is here as Adam Cole the Ring Of Honor World Champion is here on our podcast. Adam will be in action this weekend for ROH and from their moves on to "Best In The World" to defend his World Title against Michael Elgin on June 22nd live on PPV. It is the first time Ring of Honor will be on live PPV and we talk with Adam about the pressure for him leading into this big event in the history of the company. Thoughts on the man he is facing in one Michael Elgin. His recent loss of his PWG Title and all the stuff he has done in that promotion and a lot more. Including as people heard last week me breaking the news to him about the relationship status of Ronda Rousey. It is a great interview and on top of that we talk all of the news in the week in WWE. The future for their world title and Daniel Bryan and the future for The Shield. Look back on how Batista's run went in WWE and a lot more. It is we think our biggest show ever so enough hype just go have a listen and see if you agree?

Thanks to Adam Cole and our guest last week Matt Taven we hope to have another great guest for you next week as well. I have a couple irons in the fire but nothing has been set in stone. Check out @Condoonthemoon and will keep you updated on who we will have next week. If your new to our podcast we hope you enjoyed it and will come back and join us. We are doing are best to give you a product worth coming to check out every Friday.

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