Monday, June 2, 2014

Payback Leaves More Questions Than Answers

Most had low expectations heading into WWE Payback and the show was able to over achieve. It’s not to say the show was fantastic but both of the big matches delivered. Cena and Bray Wyatt came out of the last man standing match looking strong. The finish was somewhat cheesy trapping Bray through a box that he was smashed through by another box.

The Shield and Evolution once again delivered with a crazy match in which The Shield got the clean sweep. Daniel Bryan ends up keeping his title as his wife Bri quit and slapped the taste out of her month. For all of my thoughts on Payback as it happened I was covering the event for Between the Ropes.

Coming out of Payback there are far more questions than answers coming out of this show. Both major feuds could be done which makes us wonder what comes next for everyone.

A Luke Harper and Eric Rowan feud with the Usos seems the most obvious after the two battled teams battled during the Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena match. What remains to be seen is who and if Bray Wyatt moves on to someone else would be the major question to be answered. 

The Shield seems to still be united but with Money in the Bank around the corner could we see all three against each other in the Money in the Bank match? One thing is a safe bet that Reigns will be in that match and most likely gets screwed by Triple H. It seemed fairly obvious that we are heading to Triple H vs. Roman Reigns match at some point. It was expected to be at Summerslam but what and when Daniel Bryan reappears might impact on that.

Daniel Bryan based on tonight it seems like he will be back sooner rather than later. This could happen as soon as Money in the Bank is likely to soon. Maybe it isn’t will have a better idea after Raw tonight I am sure.

Where does John Cena go after this long program with Bray Wyatt if it is indeed over? I don’t have any good answers for that important question.

Cesaro seems the betting line favourite to win Money in the Bank. He looked dominate despite not winning the U.S Title against Sheamus. Maybe that is the program for John Cena to pair up with Cesaro and be part of the Money in the Bank Match and feud afterwards. Or perhaps Brock will help Cesaro win and you get another go of John Cena and Brock. I really have no idea at this point.

All this said the show of the week still took place on Thursday night wit NXT Takeover. Oh well at least we have a lot of questions heading into a Monday Night Raw.