Sunday, June 1, 2014

5 Good Reasons Punk Will NOT be at WWE Payback

Why there is a need to write this at this point is debatable but for anyone out there that thinks CM Punk will some how show up at Payback here are 5 good reasons why he won’t:

  • 5. Just cause he has returned to Twitter doesn’t mean he is coming back. He has made zero references to wrestling or the WWE since that return.
  • 4. He stated he is retired and it wasn’t via wrestling media it was just in a local Chicago publication. So this suggests to me it far less likely a work of any kind.
  • 3. His upcoming wedding to A.J Lee. So he would return only to go away again weeks later to get married and have his honeymoon? It makes no sense.
  • 2. His WWE Contract at this point and time he has been gone this long why would he return at the tail end of his deal? An entire new deal would need to be constructed that will no doubt has some connection to the WWE Network and compensation. Which to the best of my knowledge would be the first of its kind?
  • 1. Chicago Blackhawks are playing a very important hockey game in town. Given Punk’s love of that and frequent attendance it would shock no one to see him there and not at the WWE Show.

I am not sold on his retirement and having seen the last of him in wrestling. This stated he seems far to happy and have far to much going on in his personal life, to be concerned with returning to a place he was not happy when he left. If you are a true fan of the man Phil Brooks and not simply the character CM Punk shouldn’t you ultimately want him to be happy? I just want the guy that has entertained me for years to be happy and content in life. If you don’t feel the same you need to look in mirror and ask yourself how much of a true fan of him you are or were you just a fan of his wrestling persona.