Monday, June 9, 2014

The Mid-Card Waiting Room In WWE

WWE went out of their way at Wrestlemania 30 and the Raw after to make a big deal out of Cesaro. He even has the latest thing the WWE believes is important in just having one name. Antonio Cesaro is a great talent and many feel could and should he heading to the top of the card. They even paired him with Paul Heyman as proof of how much they feel about him being a top guy. It made sense for Heyman and it is seen as elevating Cesaro.

The huge spot he had in the Andre the Giant memorial Battle Royal slamming the Big Show over the top rope. It was clearly one of those “Wrestlemania Moments” that we will see in highlight packages.

Since that moment and being paired with Heyman it really hasn’t been as great as you would have hoped. This is the problem with being sitting in the waiting room of WWE better known as the little thought about WWE “Mid-Card” abyss.

While Paul Heyman is pretty entertaining with all his getting over the fact is other client with limited dates knocked off the Undertaker is amusing. It kind of makes Cesaro seem secondary and not as important. Still, if this eventually leads to Cesaro against Lesnar match than it will be worth it.

There clearly seems to have been an audible that WWE called on where they were going with Cesaro as there was the famous leaked script. In that script it seemed that Cesaro was going to be winning the I-C title and perhaps he could have rehabilitated that title to what it use to mean.

Which was for younger fans will be shocking, but as a test to see how someone would be as the actual WWE Champion and in fact was often casually referenced at times as the unofficial number one contender to the title. The only time it actually became that without the person holding in dropping the title was when Warrior and Hogan met at Wrestlemania 6.

The point is the follow-up on the Cesaro push has been pretty damn poor.

You can say in general a lot of the WWE’s follow-up on anything below the main event programs. It’s a problem that is not going away. A strong mid-card can help in times like now with Daniel Bryan hurt and John Cena recently got banged up on a recent live event as well.

Today’s WWE Mid-Card seems to be the place for former top acts that have fallen off the top of the card and a very few guys waiting to jump up to the next level. Sometimes the guys sitting waiting can easily slip into lower card if they left to slide.

What is not talked about enough his how “over” the entire roster was in the “Attitude Era” it was helpful at times when a star would be injured or have issues with the company.

It is not that I worry about Cesaro specifically but the mid-card in general is lacking. There is lots of reason why it isn’t happening that I go into greater depth in an article for Between the Ropes. In general though you would think that with the amount of time wrestling has on television now-a-days it seems silly this can’t happen. This perhaps though is the exact problem with so much time to be filled the thought and care that was put into it in the past. There also was real competition that caused this to be the case.

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