Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Shield Divided WIll Still Stand The Test Of Time

The Shield has come to an end in dramatic fashion with Seth Rollins the first ever NXT Champion and least likely to join Evolution did just that at the end of Raw. When you look at things it makes sense for Rollins to remain in a group at this point. I see this as the start of the complete end of The Shield group for the short term.

Some have talked about a replacement for Rollins in The Shield I fail to see that and think we are building to a more splintered version of this feud that leads to Triple H vs. Reigns at Summerslam down the line.

When you consider the break-up of these three individuals, Ambrose of the three I think will be the easiest transition to being on his own eventually. Reigns has the look of being the chosen one to be the next big WWE mega star. He still has work to do with his skills on mic. But both are ready to be on their own at this point.

Rollins you could argue is as well but if there is one of the three that could use the push from an affiliation with Triple H he makes the most sense. This might not be done either as who is to say Ambrose doesn’t turn as well and joins with Rollins and Orton and becomes part of Evolution as a “Shield” to getting to Triple H allowing him to step back from in ring competition. That is a real possibility.

I feel over the years The Shield will always be brought back in various storylines if all three become the successes that most people expect them to be. Similar to how we have gone back to a group like DX over the years with various angles as opponents and reforming. It seems a logical root to go coming off how strong they were as babyfaces for the future.

Before Sami Zayn, Tyler Breese and Adrian Neville were the guys Triple H was hyping up, it was the group known as The Shield that were the first real stars to emerge from the development system once Triple H took control of it.

Of the three, the man that was picked to be the first ever NXT Champion was Rollins. So despite the shock and surprise of the moment last night after some time to think about this does make some sense. Triple H as I wrote in Between the Ropes today cares deeply for all he has created in NXT. These guys are the first three guys he put his faith in to deliver on the main roster and boy have they since their arrival a couple years ago.

In the reality the biggest believer in The Shield behind the scenes is no doubt Triple H himself. It is proven by how much he has worked with them and given them a main event push with this continuing storyline.

I have confidence that all three members are going to be big time players in the WWE for the next decade or more.

What was truly great about last night was this was one of those moments that we as an audience were taken by surprise and had one of those OMG type moments. That is what you live for as a wrestling fan. The best way to achieve that moment was to have Rollins be the guy to make the turn. It will need to be followed up on and develop some logical reason why he has but they have accomplished the goal of leaving us wanting more and wanting answers.

This is why wrestling sometime is called a male soap opera for elements and storylines like this. When done effectively like last night it makes for a magical moment.