Thursday, June 12, 2014

WWE Releases Add Some Intrigue To Battle For Number Two

 Things are getting interesting in the wrestling business as the WWE lowered the boom on ten talents today. While the battle for who is number two is heating up between TNA and ROH as they both have Pay-Per-Views coming up.

At Between the Ropes they had the news of all the talents from WWE that were given their walking papers. Can’t say that any of the names surprised me but JTG remains employed for all of you that were worried about that. One day I just want to know the story of how this guy has kept a job with WWE for so long.( NOTE: See the update at bottom JTG is history too)

The one thing that springs to mind is if any of these released talents will become members of TNA or Ring of Honor. One guy that won’t be in that mix is Yoshi Tatsu who was recently injured and if memory serves tore his ACL.

Drew McIntyre might well be the most interesting name on the list. He had his issues in WWE and it involved his former wife and soon to be returning to TNA Taryn Terrell. So that might make him going to TNA something for personal reasons might not make a ton of sense. So, perhaps ROH would have some interest in him? Not sure but it seems to make some sense. Jindar Mahal also is available if someone wanted to keep the pairing together as a tag team. Not that I would recommend that personally I think they could do better as singles at this point.

A wildcard is Evan Bourne who has been missing in action and often injured. The word has been he has been healthy for some time and could fit well for either TNA or ROH if he is healthy. Bourne would be a great guy to revive the X-Division. This is assuming he could be the same talent we last saw in WWE. 

This last name I am going mention Camacho who if you do not know is the son of WWE and WCW star Haku/Meng who was one of the most legitimate tough men in wrestling. Camacho was never really used as a major singles act in WWE. He could easily be booked in TNA or ROH as a legit tough guy that could kick some butt.

Brodus Clay and Curt Hawkins may be two other guys that could garner some interest. What I haven’t mentioned is Global Force Wrestling and if they could factor into this in any way. It is hard to say what they would be willing to pay. However, given Jeff Jarrett’s history in terms of pay it would make sense that both ROH and TNA would have more money to offer if they want to spend it.

This all comes with news that TNA has been trying to lure some under contract ROH talent to come to TNA. There have also been some shady things being done in terms of advertising as well. The war for who is number two in wrestling is heating up and WWE indirectly has added some potential pieces to the puzzle.

If you like backstage drama in wrestling it is getting a little hotter for the summer months. Just today Mark Henry tweeted reminding people on Twitter about his longevity on the day ten of his colleagues were let go.  This didn’t sit well with Curt Hawkins who was one of those ten and suggesting Henry was an idiot and his comments were not exactly sensitive.

The shoot interview business just got a big boost it would appear in the next couple months. In any case things are getting interesting in all three of the major companies in North America behind the scenes.

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Update 3:45 PM JTG ERA IS OVER: Looks like JTG didn't make it as WWE released  the news on these releases and JTG is indeed on the list.