Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dean Ambrose Is Starting to Realize His Potential

I first remember hearing about Dean Ambrose was him having a match with CM Punk down in FCW. That was the former developmental prior to NXT. I watched the match and was blown away by this guy wrestling Punk who at the time was at the height of his popularity and the WWE Champion.

I was so intrigued, I did my research and found out this guy was John Moxley on the independent scene. The promos this guy was cutting for independent promotions that I had never heard of were amazing. They were dark and had a real edge to them. Bray Wyatt in current WWE draws comparison Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Which are valid but Ambrose was cutting promos of a similar nature back at this time and they were all very good and stood out. There is a short list of great talkers you find in the independent scene as the opportunities to cut promos are far less.

Ambrose when The Shield first started was billed by most hardcore fans as the big potential star when they first arrived. It was well deserved and you could understand why. Dean Ambrose for me still is the most complete package for money as we see The Shield clearly going their separate ways.

Set Rollins is the first ever NXT Champion and has shown the ability to cut a promo and has always has the skills in the ring. I was not following ROH closely during his time as Tyler Black to be honest but he is always mentioned as one of the guys talked about. The follow up to his turning on The Shield has lacked any real big build to it. He is heading towards a match with Ambrose which should be a heck of a match. They have been working the house show circuit and did go at it Hamilton where I call home. I was not at the show but heard the reviews from folks that were as very positive.

Roman Reigns is thought of as the WWE’s Golden Boy and could be thought of as a guy that eventually replaces Cena by the company. I can see the reasons for them thinking along those lines. He is big which has always been a positive in the WWE based on history. He has been getting better and better in the ring and is advancing quickly. His work on the mic and in segments is also getting better as the weeks go on.

Ambrose though sells everything so well and is already in my mind a master at his craft. The thing most remember about the Rollins turn was the reaction of Dean Ambrose which was just perfect. He sells everything so well as this half crazy maniac. Another guy beyond a Jake “The Snake” Roberts that he reminds me of is “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Piper was always a guy that was one short step away from losing his mind at any point. That is something Ambrose does so very well and when he snaps he is a "wild man" much like a Piper was back in the day.

The fact I am comparing Ambrose to long-time WWE Legends is not out of place praise it is well deserved and earned. They say that you need to be your character from the moment you hit the stage to moment you go back behind the curtain. Dean Ambrose embodies this concept and is brilliant at it. Every movement of Dean Ambrose means something and that is top level work by a professional wrestling in any era.

People love Dolph Ziggler and they question why he is where he is at given his obvious talent. I would say compare Ziggler to Dean Ambrose and you have at least part of the answer as to why. Ambrose is just as good at selling things as Ziggler but he goes about it in a much safer way. WWE especially based on recent events with lots of injuries happening has to always be concerned with the longevity of their top talent and be able to count on them to perform. Once in awhile there is a time to take risks as we saw in the feud with The Shield and Evolution. Still you want those moments to mean something and the rest of the time you want guys to choose the safe route. Dean Ambrose can sell with his face as good as he can with his body. He knows when it is appropriate to use both skills. Dolph clearly struggles in this regard.

Dean Ambrose is off to a great start to his singles path and for fans that are missing CM Punk this is a guy that offers a different kind of unpredictability that Punk offered on weekly basis. Punk was a huge fan of Ambrose and was a guy that was an advocate for him advancing in the WWE System. You can see why and can see that many of the same people that loved Punk are the same people that should and are supporting Ambrose now. He will always be a favorite for the hardcore audience that is looking for people to get behind.

I believe in Dean Ambrose and he gives me more and more reasons to believe on a weekly basis these days.

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