Sunday, June 29, 2014

WWE Money In The Bank: Some Final Thoughts

Some final thoughts as we get ready for Money in the Bank. I admit, as I said on our podcast this week (which you can find a link to at the bottom of this post) that I am not that excited for this pay-per-view. I base this on my lack of faith in the WWE taking a major risk on this show. So anything that likely doesn’t go to how I expect the script to play out tonight will have more impact. It always seems having low expectations gives you a better chance of enjoying a WWE Pay-Per-View or Raw. That might be a very negative way to look at it but it also is an honest one, especially in this post Wrestlemania funk the company has been in not all of their doing.

Here are some things that I feel we need, will or should get some answers to on this PPV:

Maybe more important than any match is some clue as to where Daniel Bryan’s health status is at currently. It is likely the biggest factor in how the WWE has chosen to move forward from here. Is he going to be back sooner or later and has the WWE regardless of that lost any faith in his ability to be a top guy coming back. They may not be as keen after fighting all the way to put the title on him in the first place and now seem him as a high risk in a main event program?

The Shield will have their real first opportunity on a large stage to come off as individuals now that the group is basically split apart for the future in the short term. All three have their positives and negatives as individuals and those will now been easier to point out and evaluate as they are separated. Reigns has always been the chosen one in the eyes of fans by the WWE. That will still be the case even if he is not the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at the end of the night. Rollins needs to establish he is a player and validate his choice to be on his own. While Dean Ambrose seems to have the least support in terms of storyline but still is perhaps the most complete product of the three. While some may see that as a negative for Ambrose it might be a show of faith by WWE that he doesn’t need as much support from his storylines to get over. Just give the man a microphone and he will take care of that on his own. People marvel at the selling ability of Dolph Ziggler. I maintain that best guy at selling in the WWE is Dean Ambrose he just goes about it in a much safer way. That might not be the case tonight but in general he sells with his expressions and movements without having to take crazy bumps like a Ziggler.

As for the former Shield members future their matches for Battleground have already leaked out as we reported this morning. 

State of Wyatt Family will be a little clearer perhaps by the end of the night. It seems that the WWE would like to create some distance between Bray Wyatt and his followers Harper and Rowan. If all walked away with WWE Gold tonight they could easily get right back to the tight unit they have been and hold all the power in the WWE in a sense with all being champions. I see this more as a way to see what they want to do with Bray. He is starting to seem more and more like a baby face as each day passes.

Can Paige honestly be able to get out of the funk her booking as created? She is booked as one of the weakest and most insignificant Diva’s Champion in a long time. That is saying a lot too give that the title has rarely had meaning in the last 5 years or so with the exception of A.J Lee’s run as champion. She is not expected to return anytime soon and may in fact be having a child with he new husband CM Punk. In any case on paper this seems like another time where the Champion will be an after thought and all the heat will be on the angle with the challenger Naomi.

Rusev will continue to crush you would assume. This makes you seriously wonder about Big E’s future in the short and long term.

Fandango a chance to perhaps build some momentum out of being in the middle of this cat fight and get a fresh coat of paint and another layer added to his character. I think a womanizer Fandango is a perfect kind of gimmick for him. The idea of making him this bad boy temperamental artist, which goes through women like he goes through a dance routine, is a good route to go. 

What is the status of Wade Barrett and if it is “Bad News” who steps into his spot and will they offer a surprise and are a factor in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Will we see shocking Cash in on the winner of Money in the Bank resulting in a re-match at Battleground? It is an option and if Cena wins one that might be a way to avoid the negative reaction that is likely to happen if he wins. Which by the way is pretty sad to say given this PPV is his home town of Boston. It is the total opposite of what happened in Chicago when CM Punk won and took the title home to his fridge in Chicago. That still remains the best match in the history of Money in the Bank for me.

Those are some of the main things I have on my mind entering this PPV. So let me know what your thinking as it goes on tonight. Give us follow on Twitter, a like on Facebook and please when you have the time check out our weekly podcast that has a ton of work put into it every week. Links for all are below. Thanks to everyone for helping the site continue to grow with more people coming to the site this month as we continue to trend in a positive direction. Still we can do better and that happens with all of you not just coming here as you have now but, telling others how much you like. If you have issues let us know those too, we may not be able to solve them but always want to hear from you.

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