Sunday, June 22, 2014

Is Adam Cole "Best For Business" As The Champion?

Let me say that I have all the respect in the world for Michael Elgin. If by the end of this day he is the only the 20th man to calm he has held the ROH World Title it will be well deserved. All of the build up seems to suggest that is what we are going to see. Cole cut Elgin’s hair and than made him watch as he put his wife in a figure-four leg lock. Predictability is not a horrible thing as we learned at Wrestlemania 30 this year. It was fairly obvious that Daniel Bryan was going to be the star of the show. The stage seems to be set for Elgin to do the same.

I just wonder if this is the route to go because while Adam Cole is a complete and utter jerk in character in ROH. In real life he is a very charming and engaging person that has done the majority if not all the promotion for the PPV. He was even a guest with us here on Condo on the Moon all the way to being on Sam Roberts show and all points in between.

Adam Cole is what people thing a wrestling champion should be in many ways. He is young, charming and can talk well and is someone that I would imagine females would be into. Elgin is more a prototypical kind of throwback of a wrestler. In the ring and in a gym the man is a complete beast and is without question one of the better wrestlers in the world today.

I still can’t help but think from a pure business point of view and not a storyline one that it makes sense for Adam Cole to remain as champion. Is it possible you could continue this to Final Battle in which Cole’s contract and future with ROH will be in some doubt? Cole seems like a guy that just is screaming to be one of these next stars that ROH has produced that goes on to success in that company. Steen is already on his way their and Sami Zayn once known as El Generico is a stand out on NXT.

Maybe Adam Cole remaining champion is what is “best for business” for ROH. I will say though I think Elgin has never really been given the chance to talk and show his personality off to fans. If you watch what he does in PWG he is a little looser working in that promotion often tag-teaming with Brian Cage who is an even more jacked version of Elgin at least in body type.

Storyline wise there is a little debate that this should be Elgin\s moment. It needs to be the take away from this PPV. Which will not be easy when it could feature Kevin Steen’s last match in ROH and tag-team match with Daniels and Kazarian the former TNA’s Bad Influence vs. ROH’s ReDRagon. It is going to be a lot of guys fired up to put on a show tonight.

In any case ROH should be pleased as least on Social Media their seems to be some buzz for the show despite what seemed like not as much advertising as you would suspect for such a big event for the company.

We shall see how things go and if Elgin is able to become Champion and what that will mean for him and company going forward.

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