Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Raw Notebook: June 23rd Washington D.C

It was a Raw that offered a few highs and a lot of head shaking moments. It started with a bang so much so that my mom was hooked to want to watch something. Mom is not a wrestling and rarely watches. Still the idea of Stephanie McMahon in a match was enough to hook her into wanting to watch. How this came about was Steph was about to fire Vicky and instead gave here the option to have a match against her.

The tease of Stephanie wrestling has been used in the storyline with Daniel Bryan as well as they have been teasing a match with her and Bri Bella. I think come Summerslam we may get that match or we at least should. As for last night I was not buying the fact Stephanie would wrestle something she hasn’t done in over a decade at least. I would be proven right as Stephanie would come out and send three random divas led by Alicia Fox. The match would not be in the ring but it would have pool of mud or muck and whoever would be thrown in it would be the loser. If that was Vicky she would be fired.

Vicky would manage to get all three divas thrown in the muck but Stephanie in high heels went for a Harley Race Knee sort of missed it and just shoved Vicky in the muck. She was fired but than would take Steph and throw her in and right before she did Steph would have a funny line about thinking about Vicky’s retirement. Great stuff and cool send off for Vicky who came out to them music of her husband Eddie Guerrero.

Funny that was the angle in the show I liked best and it had nothing to do with Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View this Sunday.

Bo Dallas streak continues with a win over Titus and he is now 9 and Bo and has a Bolack Eye not sure how that happened.

As much as I knew he wasn’t going to win the match with Dolph and Bad News Barrett was the best thing that happened in the ring all night long. Ziggler to his credit always gives his all no matter what spot he finds himself in. For that he deserves a ton of credit.

In that same vain Damien Sandow is goes full into whatever horrible thing they have him do. On this night it was Abe Lincoln. It was still terrible but he does invest 100% into it.

Paige continues to fail to get over and is booked terrible. There was a minor tease to her turning heel as she is taking on Naomi. I think at this stage turning her heel might be a good idea and give her a fresh re-do or re-start at this stage.

Luke Harper and Eric Rowan getting their own theme music and they look primed to win the Tag-Team titles from the USO’s. If you are familiar with their work on NXT they held the tag team titles their and had a solid run with belts despite little competition. Think it is time to give them the ball.

Stardust is just not a gimmick that works. For a cheap pop last week it was funny but long term it is stupid. Why do we have to constantly stick gimmicks on Cody? What is wrong with being a young guy with legacy in the business and a really good wrestler? What a concept isn’t it? If this leads to a Goldust vs. Cody match I willing to endure it but this gimmick is so awful. Cody as he always has is giving his 100% to it so it isn’t a knock on him.

Big E Langston on the other hand just can’t seem to catch a break. A flag waving America is greatest country in the world preacher is not his thing. He tried really hard to make it comfortable.

Good Rusev and Lana promo where they were out in Washington and preached Russian superiority and in the show they saved us from the Big E promo that has gone off the rails. They finally have got this charter in a good place.

After having the field revealed for Money in the Bank Ladder Match I maintain this is a mistake and down grading the gimmick. Kofi, Dolph, Swagger, Rollins, RVD, Ambrose and Barrett make up the 7 in this match. I am sorry but I can’t buy a single member of this match being considered a real threat to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Which is the point to the match it may well be a fine interesting match but the point of the match is massively flawed. 
Rollins was in a match with RVD and Ambrose crashed the party and attacked Rollins which led to Rollins demanding that he was put in the match above. Triple H agreed but said if it backfired it would be on Rollins. Great crazy man promo by Dean and good match for Rollins with RVD.

As for the title match itself as I wrote about in the blog I fear this will end up with Cena winning the title. I have little faith or hope they will take a risk and go with anyone new at this point. It really is a shame that this company is unwilling to take major risks. They added Kane to the match but that adds nothing to this match.
Daniel Bryan is doing an interview on the pre-show which really doesn’t have me all that excited unless we get some clear idea of when he is going to be back. Having him cut promos is not something that I really want to see. If this was CM Punk in the same position and unable to wrestle let him talk all night long have him on commentary. Bryan on the other hand can be decent but gets over from his work in the ring.

Last week I was excited to watch ROH get a chance to be on PPV for the first time ever live. It was exciting and thrilling and compelling. This WWE PPV has none of that feeling and just seems like another typical WWE Pay-Per-View despite the promise of a new champion as a guarantee. I just am not all that excited for this event I am more fearful of what might happen.

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