Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Two Paul Heyman Guy's In The News Today

A couple of important news items making the rounds for a couple of Paul Heyman guys. First, his current client Brock Lesnar has apparently agreed to alter his contract slightly allowing him in theory to appear more on WWE programming more often and more pay-per-views as well.

In the old agreement, Brock would have advance notice of a few months prior to any appearances but under this new language, the WWE could call on him as they feel they need him from now until the end of the contract. It opens up some flexibility to when he could appear. What is not clearly stated is if this would mean more dates or just a matter of the notice for those dates. Brock’s pay will remain the same on what he is paid per appearance so that might mean if the WWE wants more dates and is willing to pay something could be worked out. This does not that I would be holding my breath for that.

The timing of this news is interesting, as it seems to suggest the chances that Lesnar has been rumoured will likely remain as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion going forward some merit.  His Current contract is believed to go until Wrestlemania 31 in which he has been rumoured to be paired with Roman Reigns in the main event for the show in Santa Clara, California in April. This report originated from folks at

While in the Wrestler Observer Newsletter Dave Meltzer reports: C.M Punk’s legal team has sent the WWE a 22 page document in which they are contesting Punk’s right to claim royalties for the yet to be released WWE 2K15 video game that he was announced as being a part of the roster on Summerslam weekend. Punk is actually featured in the game as part of the new rivalries mode with his rivalry with John Cena being featured as well as Triple H and Shawn Michaels. 

WWE contention is expected to be that Punk is in breech of his contract while Punk’s legal team is claiming that he was already apart of the game since prior to any alleged breech of contract. This is a fight about money plan and simple and in effect, C.M Punk demanding his child support or sorts from the WWE for his likeness. Seems the WWE and C.M Punk are still getting along as horribly as it has been reported in past months.

So one Heyman guy is being paid and another is trying to be paid for what he feels he is owed. Odds of C.M Punk being in A.J Lee’s corner at Wrestlemania 31 slim. Odds Paul Heyman is in the corner of Brock Lesnar as the champion at the same event are high.

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